Heres a good baseball game if your into that kind of stuff.
Easily hackable with Sol Editor.
the file to hack is located in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\D6H4WVNP\

pretty much all sol files are located in the #sharedobjects folder.
If you have trouble finding the file just search for gamedesign in windows search.

When you have the file open u will see something like this:

The first ten sets of numbers is each baseball players stats.
to modify the power and skill you would change the first two numbers after the 5th digit for power and the next two for skill.
for instance the first set of numbers 1574250901360000 has 50 for power and 90 for skill. you would change the 50 to 99 and 90 to 99 for the batter to have 99 power and 99 skill. for the second set of number u would change the 8492 to 9999. Third set 0102 to 9999 and so on and so on. In the numbers above toward the end you see it say 1_10_12_51_1____________ I know the 10 means it has ten weeks left until the season starts. So you can change that to 1 to start the season so you dont have to go through 10 practices. For some reason this seems to only work with firefox browser. if you change the settings and use internet explorer or chrome then you wont see the change. Only in firefox does it work. Enjoy.


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Chrome uses a different version of Flash Player that is packed within Chrome already. Internet Exporer... I don't even