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Epic action-RPG combat. Real-time co-op. Stunning 3D graphics. Come see how KingsRoad sets a new standard for gaming in your browser!
RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 01/18/2017 5:59am
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today, i am getting a black screen everytime i activate the hacks.

RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 01/19/2017 9:24am
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I'm loving this trainer. Thanks to all who put in the many hours of work.

RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 01/24/2017 1:54am
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x16 attack speed: not working
x8 attack speed: not working
Please update !

RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 01/27/2017 11:38pm
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hacks still work on facebook

RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 02/03/2017 8:12pm
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A1 to A0 architect.
Nightshades Posted on: 02/03/2017 11:18am

 a good suggestion disable the anti-cheat (on the client) and use Fiddler with a regex to block the logs/telemetry URL that way your game will never send any report logs.

I wonder if you could add the server(s) to your hosts file and point it to home. I remember doing that for Marvel Avengers Alliance for a few servers. 
Thanks for the charles/fiddler tips

atdt *67
RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 02/04/2017 2:07am
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Nightshades Posted on: 02/03/2017 11:18am

I don't have internet since 2 month, but i fully hacked this game and will need to do some test once i get internet (moving of place =D).
An item spawner hack is indeed possible while also having all CDN data of kingsroad (all item id, etc).

It's possible to load any map as well as debug map too, damage hack is indeed possible (the correct one) which will only boost your damage and let the AI as usual.

An invulnerability is also possible, there are 2 way of doing it i would said.

By the way for the people that use public hack such as attack speed i would warn you about the game checking for "Matrix Speed", it's comparing your hero matrix speed, such as the animation then it send an HTTP POST to their trash rumble Logs/telemetry, a good suggestion disable the anti-cheat (on the client) and use Fiddler with a regex to block the logs/telemetry URL that way your game will never send any report logs.

Off course don't send me PM i'm not active and this was only a post to inform you guys, now if you are a professional and wanna hack like hell and one hit a raid boss it's possible.

Not everything is server-sided so you need to think  "very deep" about "how" you wanna achieve the goal you want,
Cya !

does the KHUT anti cheat block this

RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 02/04/2017 6:54am
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Nightshades Publicado em: 2017/02/03 11:18

Eu não tenho internet desde 2 meses, mas eu totalmente hackeado este jogo e terá de fazer algum teste uma vez que eu começar a internet (movendo-se de lugar = D).
Um item spawner hack é realmente possível ao mesmo tempo, tendo todos os dados CDN de kingsroad (id todos os itens, etc).

É possível carregar qualquer mapa, bem como depurar mapa também, danificar hack é realmente possível (o correto), que só irá aumentar o seu dano e deixar o AI como de costume.

Uma invulnerabilidade também é possível, há 2 maneira de fazê-lo eu diria.

Pelo caminho para as pessoas que usam hack público, como velocidade de ataque que eu iria avisá-lo sobre o jogo de verificação de "Matrix Speed", é comparar sua velocidade de matriz de herói, como a animação, em seguida, enviar um HTTP POST para o seu lixo rumble Logs / Telemetria, uma boa sugestão desativar o anti-cheat (no cliente) e usar o Fiddler com um regex para bloquear o URL logs / telemetry que forma o seu jogo nunca vai enviar qualquer relatório de logs.

Claro que não me envie PM eu não estou ativo e este foi apenas um post para informá-los, agora se você é um profissional e quer hack como o inferno e um hit um chefe raid é possível.

Nem tudo é assim que você precisa pensar "muito profundo" sobre alinhou-servidor "como" você quer alcançar o objetivo que você quer,

I have a hack for damage, done with wpe pro. Xd

RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 02/18/2017 1:13pm
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revive in all dungeon needs to be updated

RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 06/20/2017 4:47pm
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need dmg hack bad

RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 12/12/2017 10:12am
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revive in all dungeon needs to be updated

RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 12/19/2017 12:36am
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> need dmg hack bad

Agreed! Simple damage hack would be awesome to have. Makes the game a lot more playable.

HACK DETECTED !!!! Posted on: 05/22/2018 7:11pm
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Hi all,
I was using these hack in May 2018 when I was detected:
Line of Sight
Disable Cheat Notify
Direct Ranged Attacks and Abilities
10 x Attack Speed Bonus
3 x Movement

I window popped up saying they detected violation of rules etc etc.

When using only Movement and Ranged, I was not detected. Also I used the 10 x Attack Speed Bonus before and it was OK but this time they detected it.
After more than a week, still using hacks and they are fine, just not using 10 x attack speed.


RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 02/18/2019 7:51am
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2019 Working:
LIne of sight
Disable cheat
Direct ranged
AAV Attack all visible
x10 attack
x4 move
x3 move
Anti cheats
Attack speed x16
Drag Item
Enable console F2

100% working browser opera

RE: Kingsroad Posted on: 02/23/2019 10:33pm
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Got to be careful, they are banning alot of people right now from what I've heard. But most hacks work.