What is the link to donate?
What is the link to donate? Posted on: 05/19/2014 3:41pm
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I'm probably missing something extremely obvious, but I haven't been able to find a link to donate.

I have tried the search bar, and read the posts that were returned.
I've checked the "Donations" post; that only linked to the list of donators, but neither the post nor the donator page had a link to actually donate.
I've checked the Points Store; that shows how many points you get for donating but doesn't link to a donate page.
I've read the KongHack 101 post, and while that explains donation, there are no links to a donate page (but you can listen to Sarah McLachlan).
I've tried just adding /donate/ and /donation/ to the base web address, just on the off chance it would be there.

So while, I'm probably missing something right in front of my face, I think there are a couple of opportunities to make it a little easier for someone to donate, if they decide to.  One would be to add a link to the KongHack 101 Donation section that directs you to a donate page, and the other would be a link on the Points Store.  That way you're not pushing it in anyone's face, but if they go looking, it's there for them.

And if someone could tell me where to go to donate, I would appreciate it.

RE: What is the link to donate? Posted on: 05/19/2014 3:45pm
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the donate link is on the home page konghack.com
in the right hand column
scroll down
it is under latest posts and latest members box

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RE: What is the link to donate? Posted on: 05/19/2014 4:42pm
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Well, of course it is right there; I knew I was missing something.  Thanks for directing me.