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[Request] Inferno Legend help (unity3d)
Inferno Legend help (unity3d) Posted on: 06/03/2014 11:27pm
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Hi guys, been trying for several days to find something useful for this game with no success, managed to find some things that may be useful let me explain :

_First, in .net reflector there's a folder called GM ( game master obv ) with some awake/drawbutton stuff where interesting thing comes like this :

this.enableGM = true;
this.enableGM = false;

_So, found this aob :

02 17 7D ?? ?? ?? ?? 38 ?? ?? ?? ?? 02 16 7D ?? ?? ?? ?? 02 28

Nothing happens, checked all menus there is no button that pops up ( ofc i inject this aob using the pause process at the very moment code is loaded )

_Second thing, after some researches i found that movement in regular instances is server sided, packets are sent every time your try to move on a tile and if you try to reach a farther tile you get blocked by the server and have to defeat a monster to progress...

Thing is in treasure rooms packets aren't sent so there might be a way to bypass treasure guardians avoiding this "invisible wall bla bla defeat X guardian before"

Tried to find the whole yesterday how i could alter this, came up with "instanceusermovecontroller", "taskinstanceusermovecontroller" ( most likely to be in this one ) and "usermovecontroller" folders.

Tried to alter a lot of things in these folders yesterday, managed to make the monster disappear ( sadly it was only graphical ) but still had the message preventing me to move past him.

Okay, some theory, if someone could point me we're i'm wrong or even find something on this...

Thanks in advance.

RE: Inferno Legend help (unity3d) Posted on: 06/04/2014 1:23am
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I believe we already helped you in chat with this issue and it was found to not affect anything in the game. If this was not you, it sounds very similar and I am sorry.