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Prerequisite Checker Posted on: 06/04/2014 1:41am
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Contained within this ZIP folder are 2 files. You will need to unzip then all to the same location or else it will not work.

Download: PRC.Zip


Launch the PRC.bat.
This batch script will check your computer for any DotNet installations, if none are found, the Visual Studio v4 download page is opened and is available for download.

Step2. Install DotNet if not already done

Step3. Press any key and you will be asked to give administrative access to PRC.exe
This is a different program than PRC.bat and will check for VCRedist. The reason it is not all one program is so ensure that DotNet is correctly installed on your machine.

Step4. Click through the prompts and download VCRedist if needed.

Step5. You are now done once you get the dialog box confirming you have all these things installed.


Your OS architecture is either 64bit or 32bit

Your OS Version will always be reported using "Windows NT x.x.x.x Service Pack x"
See here to see the NT version matched with its more well known name.


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RE: Prerequisite Checker Posted on: 06/06/2014 7:53pm
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Updated to check for VCRedist

+Support for WinXP
*Fixed issue with checking in certain places (specifically registry keys)

+Added checking for what bit your OS is
+Added checking for OS Version (See above for list)

+Network checker to absolutely make sure you can connect to the web

*Fixed a couple bugs
-Application doesn't close when test completes

++Added text file output with prompt to open