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Last Updated: 08/11/2014 03:42

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Buy, Upgrade, Slaughter helpless critters to gain power.. Play Auto-Attack!
Auto-Attack! Posted on: 08/11/2014 1:39am
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Oh, hai...
Do you guys want a money hack for this game? If you do, I can try making one.

RE: Auto-Attack! Posted on: 08/11/2014 1:59am
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Oh, hai...

Found an exploit because of how the coding is set up...

Money exploit: (4 steps)
1. Set the game on a monster you know you can fight
2. Take off the game
3. Change your computer time to next week (or whatever you want to)
4. Get back on the game and get tons of money

RE: Auto-Attack! Posted on: 08/11/2014 3:42am
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TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
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I'm currently racing someone for the top score.  Last score check, he was around level 4444. I just broke 12,000. :P

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