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I'll donate $20 in your name!
Insane Data Entry Posted on: 12/30/2014 4:19am
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TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
ADR Info

That's right, if you can handle this task, I'll donate $20 to KongHack in your name.  It'll show up just as if you donated it, without the hastle of dealing with paypal and all that.  It would be a massive help to anyone who'd love to keep their account around forever and earn a shit ton of points.  Hell, I'd even let you split it across 2 accounts.

To make a very long story short, I'm replicating an old game I fell in love with back in high school.  Problem is, the game has a shit ton of data that needs ot be entered.  It's long, monotonous, and has to be entered in preciseley and in the correct order.  The data model may not be 100% complete, and I don't have an entry form built yet, but I'll let you know as soon as it's complete.

You're job will be to enter in all of the techs, weapons, and landmark data.  From what I can tell, there will be around 420 records in total, 380 of which are the techs.  They'll need to be entered into the system in a certain order.  The current listings shows "Tech A unlocks B, C, D, E, etc".  When it comes to the database, we need the reverse.  Tech B requires Tech A.  That sorta shit.  It requires brains, precision, and time.

If you're up for it, I'm willing to work with you to make it happen.


Everything's coming up KongHack!

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RE: Insane Data Entry Posted on: 12/30/2014 6:05am
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I wasted 10,000 points on this why?

I was really considering it.. And then I read what had to be done..
Way too lazy for that shit..
But I could probaby write some form of a GUI to make someone's life easier when entering that data..
What format does the data need to be saved in, and do you happen to have the structure of it? Like if you had a couple base ones to start it, I could work off that.
And maybe there'd be a way to auto-generate the data.. Or close to, so it wouldn't be as painful to whomever wrote it.

RE: Insane Data Entry Posted on: 12/30/2014 6:14am
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TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
ADR Info

Yeah, there's no way to "auto-generate" this stuff.  I need to write the GUI anyway as part of the War package, so it's something that's goanna happen one way or another.

The data model is finished as far as I can tell.  I haven't scanned through all 380 techs, but I'm pretty sure each tech only requires a level and 1 other tech.

Here's the list of techs I'll be incorporating into the new game: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_index.htm

Anyway, it's after 1am.  I'm out.

Everything's coming up KongHack!

"When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours" ~Rick Sanchez

RE: Insane Data Entry Posted on: 12/30/2014 7:52am
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I wasted 10,000 points on this why?

Looking at the data it looks like someone could collect all 380 links or whatever, and parse the data into a file.

The issue is the following data doesn't stay static:

Duration - Some of them say X time, others say text like "immediate". This could be solved by saving the data into a string and formatting it later..

Bonuses - Some of them have +Value, others have Value. and it looks like a couple of em have formatting a tad off..

Weapon/Weapon Bonuses - Some of the data doesn't even have these fields. Others do..

I'll see if I can't make any form of a html parser. Seriously no promises, but I'll take a chance.

And looking back at this post, I basically just shit posted... :L

Edit, getting somewhere with the parser..
I don't know how you want the data saved, but this is what I'm reading (Right now).
A test was done on 10 of them. Below are the results.

Reading: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_1.htm
NAME: Carved Bone
REQ: Culture. Level 1.
DESC: The technique of carving bone fragments into useful tools.
Reading: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_2.htm
NAME: Hide Tanning
REQ: Carved Bone. Level 2.
DESC: The technique of drying and stretching animal hide, for use as a tough waterproof material.
Reading: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_3.htm
NAME: Mysticism
REQ: Expressive Art, Herbalism. Level 2.
DESC: The practice of connecting with a deeper aspect of reality.
Reading: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_4.htm
NAME: Expressive Art
REQ: Culture. Level 1.
DESC: The techniques of expressing thoughts, emotions, and dreams through mediums such as painting and dance.
Reading: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_5.htm
NAME: Hide Shield
REQ: Hide Tanning. Level 3.
DESC: A sturdy shield constructed of layered animal hide, can deflect stones and light spears.
Reading: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_6.htm
NAME: Chipped Stone
REQ: Hide Tanning. Level 3.
DESC: The technique of flaking stones to produce hard, sharp points.
Reading: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_7.htm
NAME: Controlled Fire
REQ: Chipped Stone. Level 4.
DESC: The technique of creating, controlling, and using fire.
Reading: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_8.htm
NAME: Heads on Pikes
REQ: Carved Bone. Level 2.
DESC: Displaying the heads of enemies impaled on pikes causes their kin to shudder in fear.
Reading: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_9.htm
NAME: Animal Training
REQ: Controlled Fire. Level 5.
DESC: Putting to use the principles of reward and punishment to teach animals to work with us.
Reading: http://warofconquest.com/techs/tech_10.htm
NAME: Agriculture
REQ: Animal Training. Level 6.
DESC: To plant and grow food rather than gather it from the wild.
I didn't really look on the site, but I *believe* that is the correct data. I can split the req's up based on Level Req and item req.

RE: Insane Data Entry Posted on: 12/30/2014 3:28pm
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TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
ADR Info

I wouldn't bother with a parser man.  It'd take just as long to try and parse it all out than it would to just hand enter it.

When it comes to attributes, you'll see black numbers which are an overall change, a red number which only applies when attacking, and a blue number which only applies when defending.

Some techs grant new weapons.  Weapons do not have their own info page and are instead stuck at the bottom of the tech that grants them's page.


Everything's coming up KongHack!

"When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours" ~Rick Sanchez

RE: Insane Data Entry Posted on: 12/31/2014 11:19am
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I thought the original client could hold the data in a well fomatted way but it does not. I found the Constants for the names of the techs (d1) and their weapons (bB) but not how they do relate to each other. The classes are obfuscated so it is a pain to go through them.

        d1[1] = "Carved Bone";
        d1[2] = "Hide Tanning";
        d1[3] = "Mysticism";
        d1[4] = "Expressive Art";
        d1[5] = "Hide Shield";
        d1[6] = "Chipped Stone";
        d1[7] = "Controlled Fire";
        d1[8] = "Heads on Pikes";
        d1[9] = "Animal Training";
        d1[10] = "Agriculture";
        d1[11] = "Marketplace";
        d1[12] = "Craftsmen";
        d1[13] = "Elementary Espionage";
        d1[14] = "Traps";
        d1[15] = "Poisons";
        d1[16] = "Herbalism";
        d1[17] = "Herbal Healing";
        d1[18] = "Blowgun";
        d1[19] = "Kingdom";
        d1[20] = "Charms";
        d1[21] = "Faith Healing";
        d1[22] = "Shamanic Healing";
        d1[23] = "Thaumaturgic Painting";
        d1[24] = "Fools Luck";
        d1[25] = "Detect Valence";
        d1[26] = "Iron Lie";
        d1[27] = "Improved Intuition";
        d1[28] = "Curse";
        d1[29] = "Glorious Art";
        d1[30] = "Religion";
        d1[31] = "Rituals";
        d1[32] = "Fundamentalism";
        d1[33] = "Militia";
        d1[34] = "Leather Working";
        d1[35] = "Leather Armor";
        d1[36] = "Fired Clay";
        d1[37] = "The Wheel";
        d1[38] = "Iron Shaping";
        d1[39] = "Wood Cutting";
        d1[40] = "Chariot";
        d1[41] = "Stone Working";
        d1[42] = "Walls";
        d1[43] = "Writing";
        d1[44] = "Library";
        d1[45] = "Philosophy";
        d1[46] = "Democracy";
        d1[47] = "Iron Working";
        d1[48] = "Plate Armor";
        d1[49] = "Bronze Working";
        d1[50] = "Moat";
        d1[51] = "Arithmetic";
        d1[52] = "Currency";
        d1[53] = "Zero";
        d1[54] = "Banking";
        d1[55] = "Capitalism";
        d1[56] = "Socialism";
        d1[57] = "Empire";
        d1[58] = "Army";
        d1[59] = "Diplomacy";
        d1[60] = "Advanced Espionage";
        d1[61] = "Patriotic Art";
        d1[62] = "Geometry";
        d1[63] = "Elementary Mechanics";
        d1[64] = "Aquaduct";
        d1[65] = "Elementary Chemistry";
        d1[66] = "Catapult";
        d1[67] = "Algebra";
        d1[68] = "Gunpowder";
        d1[69] = "Cannon";
        d1[70] = "Steel";
        d1[71] = "Advanced Mechanics";
        d1[72] = "Elementary Encryption";
        d1[73] = "Elementary Decryption";
        d1[74] = "Printing Press";
        d1[75] = "Representative Governance";
        d1[76] = "Small Arms";
        d1[77] = "Journalism";
        d1[78] = "Propaganda";
        d1[79] = "Politician";
        d1[80] = "Bureaucracy";
        d1[81] = "Lens";
        d1[82] = "Telescope";
        d1[83] = "Microscope";
        d1[84] = "Photography";
        d1[85] = "Galvanization";
        d1[86] = "Precision Mechanics";
        d1[87] = "Combustion Engine";
        d1[88] = "Controlled Electricity";
        d1[89] = "Radio Communication";
        d1[90] = "Radio Interception";
        d1[91] = "Subversive Art";
        d1[92] = "Factory";
        d1[93] = "Railroad";
        d1[94] = "Tank";
        d1[95] = "Digging Equipment";
        d1[96] = "Automobile";
        d1[97] = "Dirigible";
        d1[98] = "Airplane";
        d1[99] = "Advanced Chemistry";
        d1[100] = "Electric Battery";
        d1[101] = "Land Mines";
        d1[102] = "Mine Sweeper";
        d1[103] = "Elementary Bombs";
        d1[104] = "Bomber Aircraft";
        d1[105] = "Fighter Aircraft";
        d1[106] = "Vaccines";
        d1[107] = "Nerve Gas";
        d1[108] = "Gas Masks";
        d1[109] = "Antibiotics";
        d1[110] = "Genetics";
        d1[111] = "Nuclear Physics";
        d1[112] = "Heavy Weaponry";
        d1[113] = "Radar";
        d1[114] = "Radio Jammer";
        d1[115] = "Nuclear Bomb";
        d1[116] = "Food Preservation";
        d1[117] = "Artillary";
        d1[118] = "Anti-Aircraft Battery";
        d1[119] = "Rocket";
        d1[120] = "Jet Engine";
        d1[121] = "High Altitude Flight";
        d1[122] = "Spy Plane";
        d1[123] = "Smoke Screen";
        d1[124] = "Petroleum Processing";
        d1[125] = "Polymers";
        d1[126] = "Kevlar Armor";
        d1[127] = "Anti Ballistic Vehicle Armor";
        d1[128] = "Elementary Computer";
        d1[129] = "Advanced Encryption";
        d1[130] = "Laser";
        d1[131] = "Elementary Missile";
        d1[132] = "Anti Aircraft Missile";
        d1[133] = "Antigen Spore Warhead";
        d1[134] = "Radar Jammer";
        d1[135] = "Hydroelectric Power Source";
        d1[136] = "Television";
        d1[137] = "Popular Art";
        d1[138] = "Fission Power Source";
        d1[139] = "Nuclear Missile";
        d1[140] = "Biochemistry";
        d1[141] = "Steroids and Amphetamines";
        d1[142] = "Satellite";
        d1[143] = "Elementary Spy Satellite";
        d1[144] = "Home Appliances";
        d1[145] = "Natural Gas Power Source";
        d1[146] = "Stealth Aircraft";
        d1[147] = "Molecular Genetics";
        d1[148] = "Night Vision";
        d1[149] = "Telecommunication Network";
        d1[150] = "Network Disruption Software";
        d1[151] = "Electronic Positioning System";
        d1[152] = "Advanced Spy Satellite";
        d1[153] = "Cloning";
        d1[154] = "Elementary Missile Defense";
        d1[155] = "Gene Therapy";
        d1[156] = "Bio Engineered Food";
        d1[157] = "Organic Power Source";
        d1[158] = "Advanced Materials";
        d1[159] = "Non Lethal Glue Spray";
        d1[160] = "Elementary Nanotechnology";
        d1[161] = "Advanced Computer";
        d1[162] = "Military Laser";
        d1[163] = "Laser Satellite";
        d1[164] = "Satellite Laser Shield";
        d1[165] = "Advanced Decryption";
        d1[166] = "Advanced Missile";
        d1[167] = "Missile Launcher Satellite";
        d1[168] = "Jet Pack";
        d1[169] = "Bionic Body Enhancement";
        d1[170] = "Crystal Bound Methane Power Source";
        d1[171] = "Combinatorial Genetics";
        d1[172] = "Supervirus";
        d1[173] = "Supervirus Vaccine";
        d1[174] = "Flesh Drip Bacteria";
        d1[175] = "Flesh Drip Bacteria Neutralizer";
        d1[176] = "Static Energy Projectile";
        d1[177] = "Sandfish";
        d1[178] = "Paralyzing Mosquito";
        d1[179] = "Spy Termites";
        d1[180] = "Mine Laying Cockroaches";
        d1[181] = "Noxious Organism Shield";
        d1[182] = "Efficient Solar Power";
        d1[183] = "Time Dilation";
        d1[184] = "Time Dilated Supercomputer";
        d1[185] = "Super Soldier";
        d1[186] = "Advanced Nanotechnology";
        d1[187] = "Nanobot Spies";
        d1[188] = "Nanobot Plague";
        d1[189] = "Medical Time Dilation";
        d1[190] = "Time Dilated Research Lab";
        d1[191] = "Time Dilated Aircraft";
        d1[192] = "Long Range X-Ray detection";
        d1[193] = "Anti Gravity Device";
        d1[194] = "Omni Mobile Missle";
        d1[195] = "Intelligent Computers";
        d1[196] = "Intelligent Nanobot Swarms";
        d1[197] = "Nanobot Attack Swarms";
        d1[198] = "Medical Nanobot Swarms";
        d1[199] = "Nanobot Defense Swarms";
        d1[200] = "Nanobot Missile Shield";
        d1[201] = "Automated Tanks";
        d1[202] = "Automated Aircraft";
        d1[203] = "Nanobot Immune Enhancement";
        d1[204] = "Time Dilated Soldiers";
        d1[205] = "Omni Mobile Automated Aircraft";
        d1[206] = "Robot Workers";
        d1[207] = "Robot Soldiers";
        d1[208] = "Flying Robot Soldiers";
        d1[209] = "Natural Disease Vanquished";
        d1[210] = "Simulated Human Spies";
        d1[211] = "Fusion Power Source";
        d1[212] = "Spatial Substrate Manipulation";
        d1[213] = "Nanobot Defense Atmosphere";
        d1[214] = "Intelligent Animals";
        d1[215] = "Anti Ballistic Bio Armor";
        d1[216] = "Anti Radioactive Bio Armor";
        d1[217] = "Flying Human Soldiers";
        d1[218] = "Nanobot Cellular Manipulation";
        d1[219] = "Nanobot Bio Repair";
        d1[220] = "Cybernetic Enhancement";
        d1[221] = "Cybernetic Intelligence Enhancement";
        d1[222] = "Cybernetic Soldiers";
        d1[223] = "Cybanthropic Merge";
        d1[224] = "Cybanthropic War Machines";
        d1[225] = "Zero Point Power Source";
        d1[226] = "Nanobot Active Shield";
        d1[227] = "3D Friction Shield";
        d1[228] = "Plasma Shield";
        d1[229] = "Geographic Spatial Inversion";
        d1[230] = "Climate Manipulation";
        d1[231] = "Anti Matter Containment";
        d1[232] = "Anti Matter Beam";
        d1[233] = "Anti Matter Shield";
        d1[234] = "Time Dilation Interface Shield";
        d1[235] = "Personal Fear";
        d1[236] = "Psychic Shield";
        d1[237] = "Psychic Rebound Shield";
        d1[238] = "Wise Counsel";
        d1[239] = "Read Mind";
        d1[240] = "Minor Miracle";
        d1[241] = "Personal Illusion";
        d1[242] = "Personal Invisibility";
        d1[243] = "Scry Place";
        d1[244] = "Scry Future";
        d1[245] = "Seed Thought";
        d1[246] = "Group Fear";
        d1[247] = "Personal Telekinesis";
        d1[248] = "Animate Tool";
        d1[249] = "Summon Aid";
        d1[250] = "Telekinetic Armor";
        d1[251] = "Group Illusion";
        d1[252] = "Levitation";
        d1[253] = "Animate Servant";
        d1[254] = "Bless Battle";
        d1[255] = "Mass Fear";
        d1[256] = "Summon Warrior";
        d1[257] = "Anomalous Airspace";
        d1[258] = "Call Forest";
        d1[259] = "Call Fury";
        d1[260] = "Mass Illusion";
        d1[261] = "Area Invisibility";
        d1[262] = "Mass Telekinesis";
        d1[263] = "Object Flight";
        d1[264] = "Summon Abomination";
        d1[265] = "Envision the Land";
        d1[266] = "Summon Titan";
        d1[267] = "Telekinetic Shield";
        d1[268] = "Minor Force of Will";
        d1[269] = "Major Force of Will";
        d1[270] = "Interdimensional Gate";
        d1[271] = "Minor Teleportation";
        d1[272] = "Major Teleportation";
        d1[273] = "Interdimensional Lock";
        d1[274] = "Geographic Wipe";
        d1[275] = "Culture";
        d1[276] = "Mercenary Tribe";
        d1[277] = "Artistic Inspiration";
        d1[278] = "Grand Gardens";
        d1[279] = "Rich Pigments";
        d1[280] = "War Horses";
        d1[281] = "War Elephants";
        d1[282] = "Black Soil";
        d1[283] = "Master Infiltrator";
        d1[284] = "Talented Trap Builder";
        d1[285] = "Brewer of Death";
        d1[286] = "Charismatic Leader";
        d1[287] = "Creative Tactics";
        d1[288] = "Fiery Preacher";
        d1[289] = "Dense Forests";
        d1[290] = "Deep Quarry";
        d1[291] = "Gifted Mentalist";
        d1[292] = "Master Blacksmith";
        d1[293] = "Great Library";
        d1[294] = "Master of Rhetorics";
        d1[295] = "Mail of Invisibility";
        d1[296] = "Ancient Scry Stones";
        d1[297] = "Megalomaniacal Monopolist";
        d1[298] = "Egalitarianism";
        d1[299] = "Master Diplomat";
        d1[300] = "Military Genius";
        d1[301] = "Super Spy";
        d1[302] = "Talented Tinkerer";
        d1[303] = "Sulfur Mines";
        d1[304] = "Total Armament";
        d1[305] = "Master Codebreaker";
        d1[306] = "Warmonger";
        d1[307] = "Arboreal Ally";
        d1[308] = "Brilliant Naturalist";
        d1[309] = "Coal Mines";
        d1[310] = "Radio Free Enemy";
        d1[311] = "Platoon Leader";
        d1[312] = "Rich Helium Source";
        d1[313] = "Ace Pilot";
        d1[314] = "Uranium Source";
        d1[315] = "Oil Fields";
        d1[316] = "Dead On Gunners";
        d1[317] = "Computer Prodigy";
        d1[318] = "Great Dams";
        d1[319] = "Natural Gas Reserves";
        d1[320] = "Master Hacker";
        d1[321] = "Human Genome Sequenced";
        d1[322] = "Silicon Crystal Mines";
        d1[323] = "Fast Gene Sequencer";
        d1[324] = "Super Soldier Hero";
        d1[325] = "Turn Loyalty";
        d1[326] = "Death Curse";
        d1[327] = "Inflict Madness";
        d1[328] = "Night Walkers";
        d1[329] = "Summon Leviathan";
        d1[330] = "Anomalous Forest";
        d1[331] = "Hillock";
        d1[332] = "Defense Architect";
        d1[333] = "Fearless General";
        d1[334] = "Ki Master";
        d1[335] = "Mine Shipment";
        d1[336] = "Thirst for Knowledge";
        d1[337] = "Literacy Campaign";
        d1[338] = "Oracle";
        d1[339] = "Henge";
        d1[340] = "Warrior Jinni";
        d1[341] = "Iron Mine";
        d1[342] = "Ruins of Lost City";
        d1[343] = "Ancient Starship Wreckage";
        d1[344] = "Fresh Water";
        d1[345] = "Arboreal Platforms";
        d1[346] = "Fortress";
        d1[347] = "Plant Grafting";
        d1[348] = "Weed Infestation";
        d1[349] = "Carnivorous Underbrush";
        d1[350] = "Sentient Plants";
        d1[351] = "Crowding Hedge";
        d1[352] = "Guarding Fields";
        d1[353] = "Toxic Spores";
        d1[354] = "Purify Food";
        d1[355] = "Taint Food";
        d1[356] = "Grown Dwellings";
        d1[357] = "Listening Roots";
        d1[358] = "Seeds of Doom";
        d1[359] = "Abundant Growth";
        d1[360] = "Protective Canopy";
        d1[361] = "Blot Out the Sun";
        d1[362] = "Human Photosynthesis";
        d1[363] = "Organic Computer";
        d1[364] = "Krynid Army";
        d1[365] = "Nocturnal Flora";
        d1[366] = "Awaken Flora";
        d1[367] = "Purify Air";
        d1[368] = "Arboreal Catapult";
        d1[369] = "Arboreal Barrage";
        d1[370] = "Roots of Despair";
        d1[371] = "Cargo Fleet";
        d1[372] = "Mind Hurled Missile";
        d1[373] = "Reverse Engineered Xenotechnology";
        d1[374] = "Irrigation Trenches";
        d1[375] = "Tractor";
        d1[376] = "Pesticides";
        d1[377] = "Genetically Modified Foods";
        d1[378] = "Anagronomy";
        d1[379] = "Trebuchet";
        d1[380] = "Insurgency";
        bB[1] = "Bone Spear";
        bB[6] = "Stone Spear";
        bB[9] = "War Dogs";
        bB[18] = "Blowgun";
        bB[32] = "Guerilla band";
        bB[33] = "Militia";
        bB[38] = "War Hammer";
        bB[39] = "Long Bow";
        bB[40] = "Chariot";
        bB[47] = "Sword Phalanx";
        bB[48] = "Centurion";
        bB[58] = "Infantry";
        bB[59] = "Ambassador";
        bB[66] = "Catapult";
        bB[69] = "Cannon Brigade";
        bB[76] = "Musketeers";
        bB[94] = "Tank Platoon";
        bB[104] = "Bomber Squadron";
        bB[115] = "Nuclear Attack";
        bB[117] = "Infantry and Artillary";
        bB[131] = "Missile Barrage";
        bB[133] = "Antigen Spore Barrage";
        bB[139] = "Nuclear Missile Strike";
        bB[163] = "Laser Satellite";
        bB[166] = "Advanced Missile Strike";
        bB[172] = "Supervirus Contagion";
        bB[174] = "Flesh Drip Bacteria Contagion";
        bB[177] = "Sandfish Infiltration";
        bB[188] = "Nanobot Plague";
        bB[197] = "Nanobot Attack Swarms";
        bB[207] = "Android Invasion";
        bB[224] = "Cybanthropic War Machines";
        bB[229] = "Geographic Spatial Inversion";
        bB[230] = "Storm and Drought";
        bB[250] = "Telekinetic Warriors";
        bB[256] = "Warriors Gate";
        bB[258] = "Summoned Forest";
        bB[264] = "Band of Abominations";
        bB[265] = "Envision the Land";
        bB[266] = "Legion of Titans";
        bB[268] = "Minor Force of Will";
        bB[269] = "Major Force of Will";
        bB[272] = "Geographic Teleportation";
        bB[274] = "Geographic Wipe";
        bB[275] = "Club";
        bB[276] = "Mercenary Tribe";
        bB[329] = "Death from the Skies";
        bB[340] = "Warrior Jinni";
        bB[358] = "Krynid Attack";
        bB[361] = "Blot Out the Sun";
        bB[364] = "Krynid Invasion";
        bB[370] = "Roots of Despair";
        bB[372] = "Mind Hurl Missile Barrage";
        bB[379] = "Trebuchet";

Probably not really helpful...

RE: Insane Data Entry Posted on: 12/31/2014 10:49pm
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I'll do it, it's just Data Entry I did that shit throughout highschool. Heck I did it with all the Final Fantasy games bestiaries in MySQL for my techschool final :D

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RE: Insane Data Entry Posted on: 01/01/2015 2:27am
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I wasted 10,000 points on this why?
Galrick Posted on: 12/31/2014 5:49pm

I'll do it, it's just Data Entry I did that shit throughout highschool. Heck I did it with all the Final Fantasy games bestiaries in MySQL for my techschool final :D

No one wants to do it because it's long and tedious :P


RE: Insane Data Entry Posted on: 01/01/2015 3:29am
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TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
ADR Info

Galrick already contacted me outside of the forums.  I'll be building the control panel as soon as I can (although it's new years eve and I'm tired as shit).

Everything's coming up KongHack!

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RE: Insane Data Entry Posted on: 01/02/2015 4:43pm
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That looks like a lot of work really, and probably it'll drain my brain, so i have to say no :P
But best of luck for the mighty person who takes the task!

RE: Insane Data Entry Posted on: 01/02/2015 5:30pm
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TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
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Galrick is already somewhere between 35%-40% of the way done.  Locking this topic up.

Everything's coming up KongHack!

"When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours" ~Rick Sanchez