Ninja Warz 2
Ninja Warz 2 Posted on: 01/06/2015 6:29am
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"Ninja Warz 2 is the long anticipated sequel to our first game, Ninja Warz! We’ve added and enhanced dozens of features to make the game a whole new experience in the Ninja Warz universe.
Build your clan of ninjas from 3 schools of training with 3 unique classes. Upgrade your island to strengthen your clan in the ways you choose. Battle epic bosses, defeat Guardians, join factions, and challenge other players to become the most powerful clan!"

RE: Ninja Warz 2 Posted on: 03/16/2015 6:44am
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I have never heard of this game. Is it fun?

RE: Ninja Warz 2 Posted on: 05/20/2016 5:32pm
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I played NinjaZ it's a cracked WarZ but had some hackers

RE: Ninja Warz 2 Posted on: 05/22/2016 11:20pm
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I remember the original being FULL of hackers... It most definitely was nothing like the description lol

RE: Ninja Warz 2 Posted on: 05/23/2016 8:11am
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Oh, hey...

I will take a look at this game and see what I can do :)

RE: Ninja Warz 2 Posted on: 04/18/2017 3:08pm
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Game is down.