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TeslaCrypt Posted on: 03/17/2015 9:39am
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disgruntled old man

Just a friendly reminder to keep those antivirus/antimalware definitions updated, as well as flash player, java (recommend disabling both and enabling per use), and micosoft updates. Also, be mindful of the webpages you visit and programs you download. One more tip: back up any data that is important to you -- documents, pictures, saved game files, etc. and store them on a removable drive, then remove that drive. These types of malware will spread to any drive connected to your computer. Careful out there, kids...

TeslaCrypt ransomware attacks gamers - "all your files are belong to us!"

"TeslaCrypt targets some well-known games including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, DayZ, Minecraft, Fallout and Diablo, as well as configuration files for the online gaming platform Steam."

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