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KongHack FAQ Posted on: 03/24/2015 1:07am
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Be sure to read through the KongHack 101, as it covers most of the site and how it works. Also, if you're new to game hacking, check out the How-To to learn the basics. The KongHack Wiki is also a great resource and has lots of information. Programs can be found on the tools page.

I'm posting this here in hopes that others will help me add to this list. After it dies out, I'll create an actual FAQ page and throw it up in the main navigation somewhere. If there's a question you're tired of hearing, or a question that you've had that you think will benefit others, post it here and I'll add it to the list. Now, in no particular order, the FAQ...

How do I use the hacks I find here?
- You'll need to get Cheat Engine and/or the Kong Hack Ultra Trainer (often abbreviated to KHUT). Then go How-To to learn how to apply the hacks with Cheat Engine. Check out the KHUT forum for more info on that here: https://konghack.com/forum/234-konghack_ultra_trainer

How do I create AoB hacks?
- We have several tutorials that will teach you how. Here are a few - http://gcw.cz/aob | http://gcw.cz/u3d | https://www.youtube.com/user/ForceProjectX

Where can I find the hacks for [insert game here]?
- At the top left of every page is a search box. USE IT!

Why can't I see the hacks? It says I have to use the KHUT.
- In short: because the author of that hack wanted it that way. The long answer can be found here.

I don't want to hack the games, I just want the badges!
- kolonelkadat has included his Kongreate Badge Hack program in the KHUT. This will work on almost any game.

Why was my account "point dropped"?
- This is covered in the KongHack 101. Basically, we want our users to stay active.

How do I get points?
- Another one covered in the KongHack 101. There are many things you can do to earn points. The full list can be found in the Points Store https://konghack.com/ucp/points/store

Why can't I vote?
- This is also covered in the KongHack 101. You must have 5 posts before you can vote (unless you're using the KHUT). If you don't have anything to contribute to a topic, go to the "Talk" forum. There are plenty of random topics you can reply to in there. Don't necro old threads!

Can I advertise my site here?
- Yes! So long as your site doesn't contain anything malicious. You use the points you accumulate here to "pay" for the ads. If you'd like to display an ad our our website (displayed in the top right, under your username) go here: http://gcw.cz/ads

How do I change my display name?
- You can't. You're stuck with the username you signed up with.

I used a disposable email address when I signed up and just learned that will get me banned. How do I change my email address?
- Click on your username, then User Control Panel, then My Info and change it there. Or just click here.

I love this place! How do I donate?
- On the front page, right hand side, scroll down until you see the "Site Donations" block. Fill it out and click Submit. You'll be taken to Paypal to complete the transaction.

I really like this topic and I'm too lazy to search for it later, what can I do?
- You can bookmark topics to easily find them later. Just click the star in the top right of the page. You bookmarked pages will show up on the home page, or you can go to My Bookmarks in the UCP.

Can I connect to chat using a XMPP client like Psi or Pidgin?
- Yes you can. Chat settings can be found here: https://konghack.com/ucp/xmpp

I have no interest in talking to you people. Can I turn off the chat that shows up on the homepage?
- Yes. Under Site Settings in the UCP, you can disable it.

I'd like to send some of my points to a friend, is this possible?
- It is. Just click on your username, then "My Points". It'll be on the right.

What are these http://gcw.cz URLs?
- We have our own link shortener! Here's the URL: https://konghack.com/ucp/shortener.php


New to Kong Hack and want to learn the basics? Check out the [Kong Hack 101] and the [Hacking 101].
Wanna learn how we make the hacks? Start with getting [the tools], then check these out: [AoB tutorial] | [.sol guide] | [Unity3d tutorial] | kadat's [video tutorials]
And if you don't already have it, check out the [Kong Hack Ultra Trainer]. You'll be glad you did!