Badass ways to die
Ideas/list of badass ways to die.
Badass ways to die Posted on: 08/09/2015 5:49am
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- Staying behind to detonate the explosive on the asteroid to save the earth.

- Slowly being lowered into a pit of molten iron, giving a thumbs up in your final moments.

- Getting shot as you use your body to protect someone else.

- Knowing your heart will explode if you take a few more steps but you take them anyway.

RE: Badass ways to die Posted on: 08/09/2015 9:46am
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Obviously getting shot down by numerous disgruntled people while protecting your family, Old West shootout style.

RE: Badass ways to die Posted on: 08/10/2015 11:37am
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RIP HelloPanda

Died after humping the entire playboy mansion

RE: Badass ways to die Posted on: 03/22/2016 1:07pm
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infecting yourself with a deadly virus that forcibly mutates your body to stop a gigantic monster from escaping an exploding underwater/outer space facility and killing the rest of the human race.

RE: Badass ways to die Posted on: 05/12/2016 3:53pm
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Finaly defeating the mobster boss and saving my entire family , I ride off riddled with bullets in my 1960 blood red Camaro that  i've strapped with explosives, heading towards a know high profile drug distribution center , located secretly in the center of Manhattan .

I light up a conveniently placed cigar and turn on the radio just to find " Sweet Home Alabama " running , always had a thing for classics . Objective closing in , adrenalin rushing,  with my final ounce of strenght , I angle my black suede cap just enough to cover the upper part of my eyes only to continue with a corny one liner " Payback time  '' .

Audience booing hard , fangirls screaming , fanboyz jerking , I give out a final grin while being guided by intense fire towards my destination .... an early grave .... or a new beggining .

RE: Badass ways to die Posted on: 05/19/2016 4:54pm
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Oh, hey...

You know, I'm gonna go with what Exidraa said. lol.

RE: Badass ways to die Posted on: 05/29/2016 5:20pm
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In front of millions of spectators when you say in the microphone, "you will never understand what I understand, because you're all humans" while cutting off your guts with one hand and the other hand showing the "fuck you finger".