[Request] Star Trek Alien Domain
Star Trek Alien Domain Posted on: 12/14/2015 8:45pm
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This is a server based flash game so simple scanning and changing values don't work here. It works for the GUI, but the server knows better and doesn't let it happen since it is a MMO game.

Hoping for specifically an exploit hack (exploit is a currency you gain from looting colonies or destroying enemy player fleets in pvp) and/or credits hack (currency in the game that you can get from daily rewards, or by paying real money to get credits)

And anything else hackable in there is cool as well. Badges, etc. maybe hack what comes out of boxes to force certain things to come out like a leviathan ship?

My first request since this isn't the typical client side flash game that I can just download and crack open the SWF.


RE: Star Trek Alien Domain Posted on: 12/14/2015 10:46pm
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Never let a computer tell´╗┐ me shit.

i think the best you will get out of this is a bot. It is a remarkably buggy game though, so im sure there is something you can exploit. 

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