Occult Chronicles
Lovecraftian turnbased rpg
Occult Chronicles Posted on: 04/21/2016 5:30pm
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Pretty decent game. Heavily inspired by lovecraft and the horror genre. Skill checks and combat is done via a set of cards which is pretty unusual. The characters can be upgraded in typical rpg fashions gaining traits and perks, which affect the skill checks.

Expereince points can be found as 4 bytes

RE: Occult Chronicles Posted on: 04/22/2016 1:44pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

You can also alter the stats value during character creation. I should have read the manual before playing. Spent 10 minutes climbing a rope and descending in a pit in a loop not realizing what the fuck was going on in the game. It's probably a killer board game but it's not a fast paced experience for modern people. If you like anything mainstream it probably isn't for you.

first time I try a shockwave/director game/app. Not surprised flash won :) that shit is so old that I had some issues while researching to find ways to hack it. If somebody gets the specs for that old stuff and wants to share them i'll be most thankful. No pressure through

RE: Occult Chronicles Posted on: 04/23/2016 9:41am
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The Laziest Man on KongHack

since actual shockwave games are so old, id be surprised if anyone hacked them, let alone shared the information on the internet. your best bet would be to find a popular but old shockwave game on newgrounds or something, and then google the game specifically.

anywho, i would assume hacking it would be similar to how we do it now, except with a different decompiler or whatever. did you try opening it in sothink or looking at the web traffic in charles?