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NSFW clicker
Fap Titans Posted on: 04/28/2017 5:00am
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tap titans the nsfw varity 

RE: Fap Titans Posted on: 04/28/2017 8:25pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

great another pussy saga.... SMH don't expect hacks on this bad boy

RE: Fap Titans Posted on: 06/17/2017 11:12am
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I will looking for this, i will update when i found something

*** I alerady found, damage is hackable **

RE: Fap Titans Posted on: 01/10/2018 1:18pm
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interesting. i should try to figure out how to alter that then. i remember msging someone the other day about seeing if a bot could be made for it based off the URLs the game generates. gotta bug them to relearn how to use the tools to see the links though.

hopefully i didnt necro the post since i do have an actual interest in hacking this game as the developer kinda made effort to piss me off.

RE: Fap Titans Posted on: 01/11/2018 7:50pm
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Here are my 2 cents on the topic.

Thanks to latest post search i got introduced to pussy saga.... -_-
now this. might aswell make seperate post on two other games hosted by them.devil

But this is a discussion on if this game can be hacked so good news smiley

this can be speedhacked laugh. I used firefox v56.02 with single firefox process as it is not flashplayer based.

bad news indecision: unlike clicker heroes that is a legit standalone all in one flash game this is client server interface/HTML5 something where values are stored server side i guess so the only way to indulge in it is to inest time in it and keep revisiting it after week or so if u want to play it.laugh

the alternative to this would be

a) play clicker heroes. its methods are available for cheat bypass using CE

b) play wallhack instead. Its also editable using CE

Peace Out


RE: Fap Titans Posted on: 01/12/2018 1:52am
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It might still be bottable. That is what I wish to work on once I figure out if I have to use a specific browser or something. The last URL bot thing I did I only used a webbrowser and some refresh after X seconds addon to do it. This one will be more complicated than that one was. This one is quite a bit more complex for handling things that boost stats over time for request calls and conditions met.

Happily I do not really care about the other game. There are a few others they host I do play but those developers actually fix shit they broke.

RE: Fap Titans Posted on: 03/15/2018 3:25pm
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friend there is only one hack for this game only you have to pay $10.00 site: https://rocketr.net/buy/94fd21322add
someone could buy it and post here for everyone to have access
But I do not have the conditions to buy it because I live in Brazil and we pay ipomtos and get expensive
$10.00 to convert 32.61(BRL)
in that this hack of the
1DDD GOLD 1DDD Memory shards 1DDD Gems and 1DDD Diamonds 
description of hack
2018 UPDATE (18th of January, 2018): My FapTitans Hack is still functional and the hack service is still available. Full proof (live screen-share) can be provided upon request. There is not a single FapTitans Hack that exists except for mine. You are still able to purchase and obtain the hack service instantly upon purchase. If you would like proof before purchasing or if you have any other inquiries, you may contact me (contact information are provided at the bottom).

creator of the hack: MakunouchiStudios

RE: Fap Titans Posted on: 03/15/2018 8:03pm
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Found this on reddit, uploaded by u/deepseatedregret
It's an album of every version of every hero

If you're looking for the animations, all the ones I could find are here

did you leave the stove on?

RE: Fap Titans Posted on: 04/03/2018 3:24pm
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There doing doing hentai games now.Who knew

RE: Fap Titans Posted on: 04/03/2018 10:32pm
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Lol, tat game XDDD