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pokemon idle
Pokeidle Posted on: 07/31/2017 9:04pm
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RE: Pokeidle Posted on: 08/04/2017 4:09am
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A1 to A0 architect.

In Chrome: 

hit F12

On the left, Go to Storage->Local Storage-> RobertPaulasbdoajubdaikosjudbasikdjubasfown

Edit your BALLS to whatever you want YOUR BALLS to be, hit enter to save, and refresh the page.

Mess with other numbers, too.

atdt *67
RE: Pokeidle Posted on: 08/10/2017 8:06am
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It works, you just have to make sure that the values aren't changing too fast, how do you do this in Firefox?

RE: Pokeidle Posted on: 08/10/2017 9:04am
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

perhaps try while your team has been wiped or while you use a pokemon that doesn't one shot enemies in the current zone


 player.ballsAmmount().ultraball = 9999;