[Information] Trainer site that supports alot of steam games.
This website has the absolute best trainers around. It has trainers for many games. https://mrantifun.net/index.php?forums/trainers.2/
TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
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Well shit, I think it's about time we set up a patreon...

Everything's coming up KongHack!

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the main problem i have with people and sites that make trainers is that the VAST majority of them break as soon a game makes the smallest update or patch, and the vast majority are also in an exe format that wont let you view/modify them so you dont know if theres any malware unless you reverse engineer it. plus the websites that they're found in look shady as hell.

our site on the other hand doesnt look like a place that would sell you drugs, most of our hacks are basically update-proof, and anyone thats been here longer than 10 minutes can tell you everything is an AoB and theres no sketchy exe's to download unless you count the KHUT, which the installer isnt even an exe.

i think a patreon might work better than the current donation system we have for keeping the site alive. if a site like that can get support, we shouldn't have any problems.