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Ammo Hack
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Dinosaur Gun Shooter

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Ammo Hack
Last Updated: 01/28/2018 18:46

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An intense top-down dinosaur shooter featuring a full story mode and fast-paced survival mode! Take the role of a security officer in one of the many Dinogen...
Dinogen Posted on: 12/24/2017 8:52pm
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So far I've only found ammo for all weapons to be 4 Bytes *1. Haven't found health yet. 

RE: Dinogen Posted on: 12/25/2017 1:09am
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

Health should be double ( value [0,100]) type. Interesting game 

RE: Dinogen Posted on: 01/28/2018 6:46pm
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How to hack time for decrease or frozen?