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the scan browser dont work
KH scan browser Posted on: 12/28/2017 1:51am
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Whenever I use the scan browser button it doesn't work it ends up blank with no processes on it. Whenever I try to apply the hacks they always fail even though I'm doing it at the correct time. And where do I find the process ID because I think thats the problem. I also reinstalled KH ultra trainer and it doesn't work.

RE: KH scan browser Posted on: 12/28/2017 4:24am
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1) Read the post rules
2) What fucking browser are you using?

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RE: KH scan browser Posted on: 12/28/2017 2:17pm
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small addendum; The auto scan currently only works with flash games, the newer games are mostly 'html5' games not flash hence the problem. Browsers are blocking plugins(like flash and unity) so now tools that do conversions/ports are on the rise. Until the situation becomes less likely to change again there won't be solutions. Auto process selection was nice but it was naive to think it would keep working forever as things change.    TLDR game is flash? target the plugin(shockwave) process else target the tab process (or the parent browser process if your browser is single process)