[Request] Brigador Up Armored Edition V1.3 GOG
Brigador Up Armored Edition V1.3 GOG Posted on: 02/01/2018 3:17pm
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Greetings to the Kong hack community

I am posting my first topic today and it concerns a game i recently saw a review of at youtube. Normally any game i take interest in usually has some form of handicap assistance available for it like a cheat table , a trainer or debug console commands because i consider this to be the style of playing single player games for myself. Unfortunately when i accquired this game, due to it resembling nostagically to red alert 2 style game play i discovered that it does not have any sort of cheat table presnt on the net, even though i later discovered a trainer for it but it got me curious to try to hack the basic parameter values present in the game namely ammo and health as its a robo warfare type of game and while the values are easily freezable for each level the adress changed each time for it and so i tried to take a crack on it by learning and doing a basic pointer scan approach in cheat engine but that is as far i could reach as even the pointer for a single level changed when i tried the next level.

TL;DR basically i am asking the community members here that if anyone has tried the game can they give some tips on how to find/establish cheats for the game in a cheat table format that act similar to the options provided by a trainer usually. i will be more gratefull for the assistance / help or general discussion.

RE: Brigador Up Armored Edition V1.3 GOG Posted on: 02/01/2018 10:31pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

I think you are not doing a good job with pointers but i can't really blame you, looks like pointermancing is a lost art. 

Anyway, I suggest you to try behavioural hacks as in attaching a debugger and  looking for code that read the ammo  variable for example and always make it look like you got some ammo on your gun. Same for health but maybe experiment on the way and use code injection to check whose health you are making infinite(like looking for a value that makes your health different from others health) Good luck and have fun