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Idle Incremental RPG Upgrades

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Last Updated: 06/19/2018 03:14

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RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 05/30/2018 1:31pm
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Spent hours hacking every aspect of this game only to have it all reverse when I reloaded. Save your game to a local file and reload it so your hours of hackin dont go to waste lol

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 06/08/2018 7:53am
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Hi, when i try to scan for AP or EXP, sometimes i get loads of hits, and then i search for the new value, and the list is complete empty.

Or, i just not getting any result.
I have tried having the game in both firefox and chrome.
Currently i have it in chrome as a single tab, and searching does not result in anything.

Any idea how to get it to work?
I use CE 6.8, and latest browsers of firefox and chrome on win10 LTSB.

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 06/18/2018 2:48am
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I can't seem to get the yggdrasil timers anymore (though i did accidentally get the current rebirth time timer so I know I have the right process)

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 06/18/2018 8:31am
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I can't find Exp or AP anymore. I could about a month ago and im doing the exact same thing (Exact value doesn't give any hits). Even tried scanning for increased/decreased and just changed/unchanged for all types.

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 06/18/2018 12:53pm
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are you using crhome? if so the newest version of chrome seems to have moved the game to a 'subframe' thread so you might need to retarge your CE scanner 

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 06/18/2018 4:11pm
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Thank you! I was wondering why there were those subframes. So you have to target the subframe "konggames".

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 06/19/2018 3:14am
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