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Idle Incremental RPG Upgrades

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Last Updated: 11/26/2018 23:58

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Everyone likes numbers that go up. You should too. Play NGU Idle and get that exciting rush wh.... Play NGU IDLE
RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 10/28/2018 3:38pm
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If value hacking doesn't work, don't worry! That doesn't mean that you can't hack this game. Here's how you can (This hack only works on PC):
1. Prepare to modify your PC's date (Click on the date & time -> Change date and time settings... -> Change date and time... -> Adjust the date as you want (Don't click on OK yet!). (The date because changing the time won't help you that much.)
2. Reload the game page.
3. The loading bar will say "Processing...". This is when you have to click OK.
Aaaaand there you go! Up to 20K+ Days of offline progress!
Afterwards, set your date back to present date! Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser that you're using won't be happy otherwise.
-You'll get as much offline progress as you want! (Yes, that includes AP and EXP, but you need to have autokill enabled on at least 1 titan!)
-It's very simple!
-This hack will prevent autosaving, so you always have to save your game manually before leaving!

"Like" if it worked for you :)
P.S.: don't forget to load your save from your previous session once you start a new one!
P.P.S.: If 20K days of offline progress isn't enough for you, repeat the process, along with reading this (If you forgot how to do it).

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 11/01/2018 7:15pm
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razzy123 Posted on: 10/03/2018 2:22am

I'm having trouble scanning the values. Im on chrome. Tried both 4b and 8b when scanning idle attack value. I scan current value and next scan 1 lvl increase. Nothing comes up. What am i doing wrong?

Edit: Found problem. Process is subframe now.

This fixed the issue for me. In Chrome, It's not the tab anymore in the Chrome Task Manager.  It's the "subframe" process underneath the NGU tab.


RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 11/05/2018 4:27pm
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Thank you for hacks

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 11/05/2018 9:01pm
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Yggdrasil harvest timers are float type, time in seconds from zero and seem to be whole numbers in all cases.

Also, in the ITOPOD, you can set the perk progress number to more than 100% and get multiple Perk Points per kill. I think as many as 400 before it overflows.

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 11/06/2018 11:48am
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thanks you dude for some hacks for this its helps lol...

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 11/26/2018 11:58pm
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Thank you for all these, very helpful and fantastic work.