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Funny Idle Incremental RPG Upgrades

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Last Updated: 06/07/2019 20:01

NGU IDLE - 20 pts. (new window)

What a Crappy

  Defeat the 7th boss

Low-Hanging Fruit

  Complete the scavenger hunt from the "Info 'n Stuff" button

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Everyone likes numbers that go up. Play NGU Idle and get the exciting rush of so many numbers going up! With NGU Idle you#39ll get: Weekly updates! Maybe eve...
RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 04/07/2019 7:42pm
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Thanks for all the hacks guys

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 04/21/2019 3:40am
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Anyone know how to hack questing points? I'm assuming it's 4B but if anyone finds it's otherwise could you lemme know?

Edit: Yep, it's 4B! Did it last night.

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 04/26/2019 1:45am
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yggdrasil fruit timers are Float in seconds from 0+ ex 59:00 remaining for next tier = scan float inbetween 50 - 70 set to a high enough number and freeze to have infinite fruuits at max tier.

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 04/28/2019 1:22pm
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Do note that for stuff like EXP and AP you can actually change from 4byte to Double to have a higher limit to how much you can add. Do this at your own risk though as it makes it harder to find the value you need if you have to refresh.

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 06/05/2019 4:37pm
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Anyone figure out hacking the save file yet?

RE: NGU IDLE Posted on: 06/07/2019 8:01pm
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I have not found anything that can do that yet. >>
But I've would love to because man it's a tiny bit tedious to use cheat engine constantly. But! I'm having good luck with ce