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Hacks & Cheats
Below is our list of available Hacks & Cheats for Time Clickers
Hack Author Votes Date
more gold 64 03/26/2015
money hack 13 03/21/2015
weapon cost and damage 8 03/24/2015
Trainer ...or you can use this hack to enable pretty fireworks 6 03/21/2015
Money and Team cost hack 4 04/02/2015
Speed Hack 3 03/22/2015
Offline Earnings Exploit 1 05/18/2015
Save file edit 0 12/09/2015
More Time Cubes -1 10/16/2015
Speed Hack -1 05/29/2018

SOL Files / Save Games
We currently don't have any Time Clickers for PC. If you know of any, please SUBMIT them or check back at a later date for more cheats to be added.

Forum Topics
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Time Clickers 11/04/2018
Time Clickers Posted on: 05/29/2018 9:26pm
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All the hacks that mentioned doesnt work, can somebody update them please? i guess they have patched it (game crashes when the hacks are applied)

RE: Time Clickers Posted on: 11/04/2018 4:15pm
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Just find cost of gun in double and buy them like 4 and after buy 6 gold and find that 
and change it to -99999999 and buy that one time