[Request] Wizard (And Minion) Idle

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Wizard (And Minion) Idle

Last Updated: 06/22/2020 17:44

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Wizard (And Minion) Idle Posted on: 01/10/2019 4:29pm
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can anyone find what encryption the saves are, or find anything else double for most, but things like levels and some currency is not

RE: Wizard (And Minion) Idle Posted on: 01/12/2019 7:32am
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The premium currency (souls) isn't really hard to get with the current hack from Zenwaichi, you just need to go in adventure, put an advenure item to lvl100000, kill an ennemy and then wait for trophies to stack up (Once the ennemy is killed you can return the item to the max lvl). Each trophy increase pretty much everything so once you have 100k+ trophies put mana in each training (you should have a few billions mana available after reincarnation if you did the things mention earlier), then go idle for a day or two and you will have a few millions souls.

RE: Wizard (And Minion) Idle Posted on: 01/13/2019 5:27pm
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what do you mean trophyies?

RE: Wizard (And Minion) Idle Posted on: 01/14/2019 1:35am
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the achievement is symbolise by a trophy in the game, sorry for the confusion ^_^"

RE: Wizard (And Minion) Idle Posted on: 04/21/2019 9:38pm
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Hello, any news on this? It has been quite a lot of updates since then. How can we gain souls in easy way?

RE: Wizard (And Minion) Idle Posted on: 11/20/2019 7:10am
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Infinite souls is pretty easy. You just have to go to Dullahan (the boss window) and use CE to locate his health. You can set up two hotkeys to set it to 0 and freeze it there. From there, find the boss timer (60*min + seconds) and set it to a large negative number. Wait a bit and infinite souls (I left it running for about an hour).

RE: Wizard (And Minion) Idle Posted on: 02/24/2020 5:40am
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Souls are double with an offset of 192. So if you have 1000 souls, the value stored is ~1192. There are some decimal digits as well that I've seen vary but the value rounds to what is shown + 192.

Some values like gold and EXP are stored as a double mantissa and a long integer exponent, so an EXP of 91,500 would be stored as a 9.1500 in one address and a 4 in that address+8.

RE: Wizard (And Minion) Idle Posted on: 06/22/2020 5:44pm
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For trophies count it is in 4 bytes*1. The gathering materials are all in double*1