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[Request] Idle Harvest
Idle Harvest
Idle Harvest
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Idle Harvest

Idle Harvest
Last Updated: 03/21/2019 12:42

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Heya Farmer! Do you like idle games, puzzles, and slice-of-life RPGs? Do you wish you could e.... Play Idle Harvest
Idle Harvest Posted on: 03/08/2019 1:51pm
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Any thoughts on how to hack resources?

Specifically, which process to use? I don't see a Flash container when I run the game on CE 6.8.

RE: Idle Harvest Posted on: 03/12/2019 7:58pm
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CE 6.8.2 finds me a flash container, but it doesn't seem to correspond correctly? idk what's up with this one, it's frustrating.

RE: Idle Harvest Posted on: 03/13/2019 6:48pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

keep only one browser window with just a tab with the game open and start playing. The heaviest browsername.exe process (cpu and or memory) is the right one.

That was in a very sort of layman's term. The process of the tab you are playing the game into is the usually more techniically correct term but it requires the use of a browser task manager (in chrome it is as simple as shift+esc) i keep repeating this between chat and various post im surprised nobody is picking it up and repeating it

RE: Idle Harvest Posted on: 03/17/2019 3:24pm
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Double works! thanks!

Also double *1 for crops level

RE: Idle Harvest Posted on: 03/21/2019 12:42pm
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update: i figured it out! i'd been targeting the tab and not the subframe, all my searches work properly now.