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Adventure Dungeon Fantasy Puzzle RPG

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Last Updated: 08/14/2019 03:36

Magirune - 50 pts. (new window)

"You Gotta Have Heart"

  Find a heart piece

Long Way Down

  Reach the (real) dungeon exit

Dare to the Throne

  Complete "hardcore" mode

Game Dscription
A casual dungeon crawler. Oh no! [Spoiler] You got stuck trying to get the chest. Find the way out.
Magirune Posted on: 05/07/2019 2:26pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

This game is great go give it a try ( try playing without cheats cause the difficulty is perfectly tuned and feels very rewarding )

RE: Magirune Posted on: 07/04/2019 7:25pm
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I've finished this game today, great fun,lots of puzzles, but near the end of it I needed 1 gold key, so found way to hack it :)
Here some helpful identifiers for collectibles
ITEM_KEY_1 = 0;
ITEM_KEY_2 = 1;

Now that I look at it, it's very easy to modify player stats

RE: Magirune Posted on: 07/09/2019 3:51am
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that was good fun for an hour :) manage your keys and you'll be just fine. the hardest bit for me was finding the last purple skull (floor 18)

Stay Crisp

RE: Magirune Posted on: 08/13/2019 5:31pm
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None of the developer console hacks seem to work, in either chrome or firefox. Was the game updated or something?

RE: Magirune Posted on: 08/14/2019 3:36am
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None of the hacks work