[Request] Idle Snowflakes
Idle, Incremental
Idle Snowflakes
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Idle Snowflakes

Idle, Incremental
Last Updated: 05/19/2019 21:25

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A new idle game about snowflakes with multipliers game system (based on the game from my dream in august 2017) It#39s only beta 0.5 version, more features will b...
Idle Snowflakes Posted on: 05/18/2019 1:00am
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Link: https://www.kongregate.com/games/Gumrok/idle-snowflakes
Last Update: March 12, 2018

If anyone knows any hacks for this, it would be much appreciated.

RE: Idle Snowflakes Posted on: 05/19/2019 9:25pm
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target the flash process and scan for 0.040 with value type Double replace all values with 1

This sheer level of incompetence is uncommon in games released nowadays. I miss it, this game is coded so amateurishly that it gave me flashbacks of russian/indonesian/brazilian kong game makers from the early 2010s and I love it. The game is quite bad through as you can imagine. Thanks for thiss trip down memory lane