[Request] Epic Battle Fantasy 5

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Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Last Updated: 01/29/2020 07:18

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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Posted on: 01/22/2020 9:49am
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Link: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/746618

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Almost everything is 4 bytes*1.

RE: Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Posted on: 01/25/2020 7:33pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

a demo pubblished after like a year and half of the game being on sale on kartridge, 3 years of development. This feels so uninspired i could only bear to go through 5 minutes of gameplay. Used to be a fan of the dev and the series but this was the last straw for me. 

RE: Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Posted on: 01/26/2020 5:34pm
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The Laziest Man on KongHack

apparently the game was on sale on steam for a couple years. the entire game is free on kongregate.

the game really feels like he just pushed something out because he wanted money. same loading screen, reused art assets, 5 minutes into the game the WASD controls manage to break. its pretty bad.

RE: Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Posted on: 01/29/2020 7:18am
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

So here is a save file editor ( the backup .meow file content as text ie open with notepad and paste in the web app)


what you see is what you get. You paste the gibberish from the save file in the top area and click decrypt and the clear version appears on the bottom area, you edit the bottom area with the stuff you want and press encrypt and it will update the area on top with the new save file content to be pasted inside the .meow file. I scraped this in notepad and now that i think about it there could have been better ways i might come back to it in the next days for improvements but it works as is. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: there is error checking so if you type in some invalid stuff it will corrupt the save tldr make a backup before messing with your data.

Sorry fro coming off as grumpy and speech challenged, hope you enjoy this