[Help] Trainer closes on startup
Trainer closes on startup Posted on: 04/24/2020 1:45pm
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Trainer Version: Downloaded today from https://konghack.com/topic/8871-konghack_ultra_trainer
Operating System: Windows 7 x64
Browser: Chrome
Game: N/A see below
I'm having issues with the trainer after installing it. basically when I run the program I see the login window but it's completely blank, 2 seconds afterwards I get the typical ''Apllication has stopped working'' window and then the program closes.

I've installed the trainer with the default windows antivirus real time protection off ( no other antivirus running )
firewall was disabled.
reinstalled the trainer after deleting the content on %appdata%/apps
installed both net framework and visual C++ in my first installation attempt (both installations being sucessful)
reset'd the pc and tried to run and reinstall afterwards.
I ran the setup as administrator.
MSVCR is NOT missing.

Ok after browsing a 15th thread I found the author of the KuT post providing the application link download somewhere rather than the setup and it's working so far.

RE: Trainer closes on startup Posted on: 04/24/2020 3:12pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

what was the problem?

RE: Trainer closes on startup Posted on: 04/25/2020 7:22am
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I have no idea. I downloaded and used ''KongHackTrainer.application''  kolonelkadat posted on a thread instead of using the setup and it worked.