[Request] Kumu's Adventure
Kumu's Adventure
Kumu's Adventure
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Rogue-Like Strategy Turn Based

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Kumu's Adventure

Kumu's Adventure
Last Updated: 09/03/2020 18:19

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Roguelike SRPG, your Magic and Tech next adventure.
Kumu's Adventure Posted on: 08/16/2020 9:20am
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RE: Kumu's Adventure Posted on: 08/16/2020 7:45pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

dam that looks like a great game and has my jelly seal of approval. It is very rogue-like oriented when it comes to difficulty. 

From a technical standpoint there seem to be some sort of cloud saving and my initial attempts did not yield anything. Perhaps if somebody tries messing with cheat engine most values should be easy to find

important parts of the game like the inventory seem to be under the control of an authoritative server and there are not many ways to trick it. The game got updated though and now it is much easier to progress since you can go back to camp to heal and restore gas

RE: Kumu's Adventure Posted on: 09/03/2020 6:19pm
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i already try any i know with cheat engine in microsoft edge but nothing found i already try unknow initial value and others but nothing good happens any clues for me ? thx