Joe Destructo

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Joe Destructo

Last Updated: 12/08/2011 10:31

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Help Joe to tear down buildings and evict the criminals.
Joe Destructo Posted on: 12/03/2011 9:01pm
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Um hopefully someone can hack this for unlimited health as well as unlimited ammo.

Unlimited ammo I tried and believe to be 4byte, you find it and freeze it but I am not sure if it works for all of the weapons and some of them were a pain to try.
Re: Joe Destructo Posted on: 12/08/2011 10:31am
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66 ab 1d 26 61 9f 0a =>
66 ab 1d 27 61 9f 0a[/aob:3hotwjbd]

[aob:3hotwjbd]Unlimited Ammo:
66 a0 0d c1 d6 =>
66 a0 0d 02 d6[/aob:3hotwjbd]

For some reason you may die instantly at the end of level helicopter, but I don't like the game and can't be bothered to work out why.