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axon _

Last Updated: 12/06/2017 19:40

Axon - 35 pts. (new window)

Purveyor of Proteins

  Build a neuron that is at least 5,000 micrometers in length

Nerves of Steel

  Build a neuron that is at least 75,000 micrometers in length

Game Dscription
Grow your neuron as long as possible by clicking on protein targets. You can only click on protein targets within your circle of influence but you need to be quick as it decreases over time. Oh one more thing…beware of the rival red neurons that compete with you for available protein targets. ‘Axon’ uses real features of neuron development in the foetal brain. Neurons make connections by growing a single axon to contact other cells and use protein targets to navigate. Your brain is an amazing organ, with around 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections.
axon _ Posted on: 03/29/2012 1:51am
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RE: axon _ Posted on: 03/29/2012 3:19pm
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The Yellow Brick Road hack
66 bd 09 d1 60 e6 04 24 01 66 a3 1d 46 ef 04 01 a0 68 bd 09
66 bd 09
24 01 a0 68 bd 09 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02

hint: yellow combos are very good for you
note: adjust 24 01 to a higher number to travel less far with your combos. (use 25 XX XX XX XX and 02's for the rest for higher than 127, and for anything between 1 and 127, use 24 XX).

The combo goes through 5000 nodes with 24 01.? If you want a certain number, take 5000/your number , and round it to get your 24 XX or 25 XX XX XX XX value.? (don't forget to convert from decimal)

EDIT: This hack has been repaired, you're good to go!

RE: axon _ Posted on: 03/30/2012 9:12pm
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red vine disabled
d0 30 d0 66 a4 05 76 2a 11 06 00 00 29 d0
d0 30 47 66 a4 05 76 2a 11 06 00 00 29 d0

I use this AoB tool to make all the AoBs I post. Try the online version if you dont feel like downloading it.
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RE: axon _ Posted on: 03/31/2012 6:17pm
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TIM the Enchanter
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Everything's coming up KongHack!

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RE: axon _ Posted on: 01/01/2014 7:39am
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Click to grow hack

Click it like you mean it

Hard badge achieved !

RE: axon _ Posted on: 12/06/2017 7:40pm
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Going to upload a .sol for both badges, after submitting the 5 required posts (new member). Badges are awarded instantly after loading the game.