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Questions about the "Code"
The Internet Defense League Posted on: 05/13/2013 8:01am
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KongHack Sexiest Man Title Holder - since Feb 2011

 I suppose this is aimed at TIM, more than anybody else.
I saw the site badge, and well, the human rights group (Well, Human Rights, Enlightenment, Corruption Exposing, "Secret or Hidden Technology Education", Empowerment, and Spirituality)  I am a part of is trying to put the code up on our site, but we are not having much luck with it and the advice we have recieved has been stretched pretty thin, and has not worked.

So, the question is, did you just copy and paste the code onto a section of the frontpage, or did you modify it to cater to the engine your site is ran on?

RE: The Internet Defense League Posted on: 05/13/2013 9:13am
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Never let a computer tell´╗┐ me shit.

youre joking right? its literally just an a tag wrapped around an img tag

If your "Hidden Technology Education" group cant handle that, they really have no place educating anybody on anything, let alone technology.

If your whatever is a real group (has a tax status and actual employees/volunteers) I will be more than happy to build your website for you, assuming you arent some terrorist/crazy people group like PETA.

I use this AoB tool to make all the AoBs I post. Try the online version if you dont feel like downloading it.
"Obviously, windows are central to Windows. They are so important that they named the operating system after them. But what is a window?"

RE: The Internet Defense League Posted on: 07/09/2013 6:09am
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KongHack Sexiest Man Title Holder - since Feb 2011

Well, I should have specified, it's not the badge/img,  < That code

It worked fine for a few others we work with when they added it to their websites, but I have a suspicion.....

I think it's the engine our site is hosted on, it might be a little buggy, and I don't have full admin access rights until the update comes in for that engine.  The current team is having problems getting it to work, I don't know the specifics

We host our website on NING, and the Engine/Software that it's on is from NING (It's designed around websites that are meant to be social networks)

Well, we do defend animal rights, and some of us might be considered "Crazy like PETA"  *shutters*   (we don't throw paint on people are blow up McDonald's outlets, or incite witch burnings/syrian revolutions or whatever it is the kids are into these days)
I'm not, and not all the others are (I think out of all of us, there are 2 Admins who believe in Tarot cards and astrology )\
The main premise of the website is a community, one in which people of all culture, backgrounds, beliefs and ideas can come together.
A community that defends the rights of every living being. [the first post description was vague in that I was not really trying to elaborate on the entire site to much, just looking to see if there would be anybody willing to help with it before I started listing off all the details and giving information that is not ncessary for people who don't want to help or respond to it at all)

And thanks for the offer, I might actually take you up on that (if we find we need that much help and can afford how much you would want, assuming your not a volunteer) , we are going to be doing a dedesign of the site. Other than my self, and the owner, there is only  2 others that have any experience or knowledge on the matter, so most of the work is going to be done between just the 4 of us)

I'm not sure of the Tax status exaclty, I'll talk to the owner about it. We are mostly an NPO, we run the site based off of donations, we are thinking about monetizing the site.


RE: The Internet Defense League Posted on: 07/09/2013 10:15am
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TIM the Enchanter
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It's a single javascript include.  Just paste the script tag anywhere and it should load.  That is, if you site isn't bat shit crazy with other javascript libraries and what not.  We have a LOT of js, and it works just fine.  Bear in mind that nothing special will happen until they release a banner.  Then it will automatically show up without needing to do anything.  The script is on here right now, but it simply returns an empty js file until the next campaign.

This site isn't built using any engine.  It's a completely custom built site with no limitations. That's why is has some features you can't find anywhere else, and is lacking things that I just haven't had the time to build yet.

NING isn't exactly the best thing to try and run a website with.  But hey, to each his own. :P

Everything's coming up KongHack!

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RE: The Internet Defense League Posted on: 07/28/2013 4:42pm
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KongHack Sexiest Man Title Holder - since Feb 2011

NING was there when I got there, I have my doubts on it already, and apparently it's rampant with Java incompatabilities (we removed almost all of the java from our site recently because it was causing various errors) but we sitll use it for the live streams.
Hopefully when they release 3.0, that gets solved. I'm going to try to use as much of my own work as possible, and as little of the NING engine as I can.

Well I know it won't actually do anything until they activate it, but we ran a test, it was not working (Java was not initializing, but on a sandbox, it would every time)  and so it was reconfigured (the section it was put into) and tried again - no luck
I have very limited experience with Java as well (most skills are self taught, and I learn as I go, I just have not worked with Java a lot - but I know this should be simple enough though, I am not incompetent enough that I can't insert a prescripted code with it ready for copy and paste and everything )

We are a social netowork, I would personally like to start building a custom build, but we are running on very limited hardware, and only a few of us have experience with actually working with the technology, as is I am fixing the other admins computers a lot through remote access.
30 year old web admin accept mysterious java script notifications, and before that she just had them automatically accepted.

I am not mean about it, but really,    common sense should be used online, lest you pay out a thousand dollars to a "Traveller stuck in Niger after being robbed" or a prince of Nigeria or whatever their gimick is.

But they all know how to use facebook pretty well and I got them all to start using the analytic data to help target our demographics better.

And this custom build, it's really impressive.

I see a GCWorld Industries CMS  v1,8.2

Is that your company or at least your representation of the custom build?

This forum is really impressive by the way, it is one of the best I have been too. Great design, and yeah the features are great and you guys always keep new ones coming.  You also don't make the mistake of cluttering it up with over complex graphics, but you do so without making it look like shit too. You guys also kept it light, I never deal with lag, regardless of how shitty my hardware is at the time.     And this whole thing is donation dependant too right?

Thanks for the reply

RE: The Internet Defense League Posted on: 07/28/2013 5:18pm
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TIM the Enchanter
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All I have to say is: IT'S NOT FUCKING JAVA!!!

Just keep going on about Java.  There is absolutely 0 java on this site.


Anyway, this is all custom programming, and I'm the only developer.  It consumes the vast majority of my free time (and even some not-so-free time), and is basically one of the most bad ass web projects I have ever worked on.

We've been running for over a year, and I'm rushing towards a 2.0 release.  The site was originally pieced together from scratch, using very basic code.  Since then, we've replaced the old mysql_lib stuff wtih PDO (~1.5), and implimented a bug tracker, a custom XMPP server, a private GIT repo, and some other stuff somewhere in here...  I rebuilt the header back when the top nav was added.

Anyway, I'm considering what I'm working on now the 3rd rebuild of the core.  Once it's complete, and I've tested the living shit out of everything, and if I can get namespaces functioning correctly, bits and pieces of the site will "mysteriously" stop functioning while I go on an all night binge of upgrading code. :)

As for planned features, the new core will function a bit more like google's core.  Flexible, dynamic, and it will allow you to login from more than one place at the same time!

The benefits of the new core are insane.  First off, I'll never need to include(); any of my files aside from "common" ever again.  Everything is auto-loaded as needed.  Secondly, with namespaces, I'll be able to interact with 3rd party libraries without worrying about conflicting funciton names, sloppy code, etc.  Namespaces separate everything in an extremely bad ass way.  Next, we're going to be saving a TON on memory, especially considering the level of stuff that was always loaded compared to the new dynamic load systems.

Meh, enough for now.  I'm goanna grab a shower then head to this awesome rib shack for lunch. :)

Everything's coming up KongHack!

"When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours" ~Rick Sanchez