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Chrome Web Store (WebGL 3D Game)
Polycraft Posted on: 10/25/2013 4:11pm
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Most everything you could ever want to hack can be parsed out and changed from the 6100 compressed line (145000+ when beautified) javascript file located in "USERPROFILE\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\eopfmbpfhhfnklgmjpoehcjaajhpbhbl\\game.canvas.js"

To avoid having to do this yourself I came up with some useful regular expressions to modify the file and threw them into an AutoIt script which I will upload shortly. The script automatically backs up your game.canvas.js but it cant be a bad idea to back it up yourself as well.

Edit: So apperently I couldnt actually upload it, but here is the source and you can run it yourself if you want to install AutoIt,

List hacks and changable variables are at the top of the script.

RE: Polycraft Posted on: 11/18/2013 8:18am
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RE: Polycraft Posted on: 11/18/2013 8:52pm
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The Laziest Man on KongHack
ed155 Posted on: 11/18/2013 3:18am link broken

the link works perfectly fine

RE: Polycraft Posted on: 12/01/2013 10:11pm
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thenewcomer Posted on: 11/18/2013 3:52pm
ed155 Posted on: 11/18/2013 3:18am link broken

the link works perfectly fine


RE: Polycraft Posted on: 02/12/2014 9:38am
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i have no idea what to do with this. jesus.

RE: Polycraft Posted on: 02/16/2014 6:09am
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Aobscan(_pos,24 45)

Run the script using autoit software.

RE: Polycraft Posted on: 12/06/2016 12:03am
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uh, i have an issue.
can someone throw me a browser run version of this hack, cos, well, i got a chromebook and they run about as many exe files as a can of beans.

but my browser versoin polycraft works fine...
for now at least

Polycraft - Error Coding Involved Posted on: 12/11/2018 12:08am
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When I activate the au3 file. An Error code pops up.
The error calls upon a function on Line 76 (File @UserProfileDir & "\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Profile 2\Extensions\eopfmbpfhhfnklgmjpoehcjaajhpbhbl\\game.canvas.js"):

    AddLine(@TAB & _if(@error=0,"Sucessfully changed " & @extended / 5 & " results","Failed"))
    Error: Uknown funtion name.

The error was having consistency issue on the function AddLine.

Located on Line 67:

    Func AddLine($text)
    $iEnd = StringLen(GUICtrlRead($hEdit))
      _GUICtrlEdit_SetSel($hEdit, $iEnd, $iEnd)
     _GUICtrlEdit_Scroll($hEdit, $SB_SCROLLCARET)
     GUICtrlSetData($hEdit, $text & @CRLF, 1)

I have been struggling to fix it but I dismayed the fact that I couldn't be able to figure it out.
RE: Polycraft Posted on: 12/11/2018 6:21am
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

Never messed with this kind of stuff but I'd say this outta do it(hopefully) line76
you need to change this way all the _Iif or just remove them

(@TAB&(@error=0 ? ( "Sucessfully changed "@extended/&" results" ) : "Failed"))