[Request] Supermech

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Last Updated: 06/27/2016 21:51

[Request] Super Mechs

Last Updated: 05/07/2013 03:13

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Build and battle mechs!
Supermech Posted on: 12/30/2013 7:28pm
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Can someone please try to hack this game?

RE: Supermech Posted on: 05/05/2014 10:13pm
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Money is double*1 Simple to hack. For the Token hack, follow my instruction.

Step 1 : Search type is double. Search your money, buy or sell stuff search it again till you get 1-2 adresses and copy it to adress list.

Step 2 : right click your adresses > Change record > adress. Then add there "+8" (Simple : this is your adress 1921ADC0 just add +8 like that 1921ADC0+8)

Step 3 : Change the value 90000 or what you want.

Have Fun.

Edit : Your Mecha hp and enemy mecha hp double too. You can change your enemy hp 1 and kill it instantly :)

RE: Supermech Posted on: 05/08/2014 10:18am
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not working yet

RE: Supermech Posted on: 05/05/2016 9:37pm
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tried however doesnt work. it does change the number however it doesnt actually implent it.


RE: Supermech Posted on: 05/07/2016 1:38pm
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Someone could h4ck this game/make a cheat for the konghack trainer?Pretty please :p.

RE: Supermech Posted on: 06/27/2016 9:51pm
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The only cheat that works is the AoB hack or whatever that is, badge hack don't work.