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Battle Gems - Coins,All Stats,Energy,Founder Package Hack

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Game Dscription
Do you have the gems to battle through 150+ fully animated monsters and reach epic journey to Mount Death Dread Doom Skull! Featuring an insane world filled with quests, weapons, armors, pets, and puns. But you should play it anyway :-)

Requires Charles Proxy
BattleGems on Facebook :

List Hack :
- Gold Hack
- All Stats Hack
- Energy Hack
- Founder Package Hack

Video Tutorials

is the package permanent?

rivaldi Posted on: 05/17/2014 12:57am

is the package permanent?

just set DragonKnight permanent item

BattleGems @ Kong is totally different from @facebook.

No +karma or thanks post please,
we shall exchange appreciation via telepathy ;)

disgruntled old man
haenawolf Posted on: 05/19/2014 12:13am

BattleGems @ Kong is totally different from @facebook.

I think I have them sorted out.

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