Doom Posted on: 06/15/2014 5:40pm
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Anyone remember that? I'm not here to talk about the upcoming Doom 4 though.

Doom 1 and 2, some FPS gems for sure!

Anyone ever played those two here?

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RE: Doom Posted on: 06/15/2014 6:51pm
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Who hasn't. IDDQD! 

RE: Doom Posted on: 06/15/2014 10:32pm
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I played those so much I eventually developed motion sickness. So now I can't play any FPS for more than a few minutes before I have to quit.
Worth it though!

RE: Doom Posted on: 06/16/2014 2:57pm
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MrFisherman Posted on: 06/15/2014 2:51pm


I love how putting that cheat-code in Doom 3 will give a "Nice memory!" compliment on Doom 3.

Oh man, I should replay Doom 3 again. This will probably be my 4th time.

Anyone ever replayed Doom1, 2 or 3 more than three times?

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RE: Doom Posted on: 06/16/2014 6:16pm
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D1 and D2.. 100's of times. I played D3 a little but at the time my video card wasn't elite so the game ran a little choppy.  The game was too dark to really enjoy the graphics. 

RE: Doom Posted on: 06/17/2014 12:14pm
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May of day spent on D1 and D2.  Even had the expansion pack that had a lot of new levels and an editor.
D3 was a decent game as well but very graphic heavy for the time.  I remember having to do some upgrades to my tower before it would look decent enough to play.

RE: Doom Posted on: 09/13/2014 2:00pm
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A1 to A0 architect.

In the Doom 1 and 2 savegame files, I belive you can change byte 0xF8 to 00, 01, 02, or 03
This gives nothing, god mode, noclip, or both. (just going from memory)

The only cool way to use this is to start a loooong game of Doom TNT or something in nightmare mode, and apply the cheat with a hex editor.

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RE: Doom Posted on: 09/27/2014 9:05am
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Lupus non mordet lupum

Hey, if you're looking for a new way to experience an old game, you might try a modified version of doom 1 & 2 called Brutal Doom (1&2). Download and installation instructions can be found here:

If you want to know what it looks like before hand:

RE: Doom Posted on: 10/01/2014 6:32pm
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Nowadays I mostly play Doom 1 and 2 with my friends, using the Brutal Doom mod itself but not just it, but also mappacks and such.

Good times! Best modded co-op game.

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RE: Doom Posted on: 04/08/2015 6:46am
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First played final doom on the saturn, ahh memories and I still do play it,.. quite a lot,...>.>
I'm actualy waiting on brutal doom v20, hopefully we'll get it before this summer =D

RE: Doom Posted on: 04/18/2015 6:40pm
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Saturn? What the fuck? That ain't a Doomish way to play Doom.

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RE: Doom Posted on: 05/06/2015 1:48am
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IDDQD - God mode
IDKFA - all weapons if I remember correctly
IDSPISPOPD - no clip (Doom 1 only)
IDNOCLIP - no clip (Doom 2)

Oddly thats all I can remember off the top of my head I know there was one for music but I don't remember what it was.

RE: Doom Posted on: 05/22/2016 8:43pm
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I loved Doom1, among the first FPS's i played whed i was young, can still remember how freaked out i was but i never did manage to stop playing because of it lol

RE: Doom Posted on: 06/11/2016 9:58pm
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I played Doom when I was super young, like 6 or 7. My dad and older brother were big gamers and I just kind of picked up whatever they played. I still remember most of the cheats. I'd love to play it again sometime.

RE: Doom Posted on: 06/12/2016 2:04am
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I remember having fun with noclip mode and a chainsaw!