RE: Doom Posted on: 06/12/2016 6:18am
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I loved DOOM and still do, it was one of my first game that I've played.
P.S. I Have the "DOOT DOOT" White T-Shirt! hue

RE: Doom Posted on: 09/03/2016 9:43pm
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I have been playing Doom 1 few weeks ago, it still has the fun I rememeber it for.

RE: Doom Posted on: 11/01/2016 1:18am
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Yeah i remember.
I loved those games.
And to be honest the new Doom was more amazing for me as i expected from trailers and a few walkthrough tip videos.
These games are AWESOME and realy a masterpiece for almost every game lover.
I played through them more than a dozen times. Doom1, 2, 3.
And only a few times the Doom 64, Ultimate Doom, Lost Episode, Final Doom...
And the other rarely published games from the creators or fans too ^^
I just LOVE the Soom series.

RE: Doom Posted on: 12/17/2016 4:14pm
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Yes I did. And Wolfenstein too but I don't remember which came first.

RE: Doom Posted on: 03/25/2017 7:03pm
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love the game 1 and 2
and now even more then ever 
with zoundroum
i think i wrot it right

RE: Doom Posted on: 11/24/2017 1:15pm
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Doom 1 and 2 cult classics. Then came brutal doom and with it intrduction to zdoom gzdoom sourceport. Then came Guncaster, russian overkill, Trailblazer weapon mods and rest is hostory as they say XD.

RE: Doom Posted on: 05/19/2018 2:12am
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I first played doom on a hacked 3ds. Too bad I couldn't use noclip or something.

RE: Doom Posted on: 09/27/2018 1:11am
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I was fully expecting to see this, but didn't, so here it is:

Stay Crisp