[Information] movement at the edges
movement at the edges Posted on: 01/15/2015 6:51am
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movement at the edges is severely broken. you'll reckon hell to try and go to Y < 22. 

like you can build  on them. You will get the "land acquired" message but the land wont "light up" to indicate you actually got it. 

So it seems like it may be acquiring land in some unknown place as a result of an error trying to pull the 12 rows of tiles lower than whatever got sent to the move function

eg: move/565/10
would try to center on a value of y =10; but that would leave an overflow of -2 in the y direction...

I know for a fact it causes weird visual errors, but I haven't investigated to see what happens in the code behind.

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RE: movement at the edges Posted on: 01/15/2015 1:10pm
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I'll look into it.  I think I may have forgot to update the rouding.  The original map was 19x19, but I expaned it to 25x25 and dropped the tile size.  It's probably still calculating based on 9 off instead of 14 off.

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