village borders
i could have sworn i'd seen this suggested somewhere
village borders Posted on: 01/17/2015 5:26pm
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i know I saw someone suggest this, but I cant find where. Idea is simple, a border around the outside of your village, to aid in the distinguishing of villages from their surroundings. I liked the Idea, so I whipped up a sloppy solution.

the code is this. call it from function mapmove when !=null

 function drawUserTile(tileName,x,y){ $('#' + tileName).css('border', 'none').css('background-color', '#' + mapdata[x][y].n).attr('title', mapdata[x][y].name).attr('data-original-title', mapdata[x][y].name).tooltip('fixTitle'); if(x>1){ if(mapdata[x-1][y].nid != mapdata[x][y].nid){ $('#' + tileName).css('border-left', 'thick dotted gold'); } } if(x<25){ if(mapdata[x+1][y].nid != mapdata[x][y].nid){ $('#' + tileName).css('border-right', 'thick dotted gold'); } } if(y>1){ if(mapdata[x][y-1].nid != mapdata[x][y].nid){ $('#' + tileName).css('border-top', 'thick dotted gold'); } }  if(y<25){ if(mapdata[x][y+1].nid != mapdata[x][y].nid){ $('#' + tileName).css('border-bottom', 'thick dotted gold'); } } }


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RE: village borders Posted on: 01/17/2015 8:39pm
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And here I had planned on building this as an image system. I still plan on doing the larger image deal (especially for an overworld view), but this'll work for now! :)

Thanks man.

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