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leveling up Posted on: 01/27/2015 10:34pm
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when we see the level up menu, shouldnt we be able to select from the next level's techs?

if we are level 58, once we have leveled up, we will be 59.
however at the 58->59 transition the techs we get are

which is admittedly more than I initially thought we got for this transition, but I feel like what we should be getting is 

which actually contains techs a person might want. 
It just seems like since we are technically the next level, we should get the next level techs. 

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RE: leveling up Posted on: 01/27/2015 10:57pm
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So, the techs "lag" one level behind?
Didn't notice it with my multi-path development, but this seems right.

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RE: leveling up Posted on: 01/28/2015 2:15am
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Don't give a shit.  The level up process requires you to select a tech, and considering you start at Level Fucking 0, I'd say who gives a shit.  Then again, apparently not me, so level of care is still 0.


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