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Transfer an account? Posted on: 03/29/2015 7:07am
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So, I was on one of my many accounts (I sometimes go long periods without coming to this site, and find my account point-dropped), and mentioned I was probably going to get point dropped soon and just sort of saying bye with that account.  A very kind soul asked me if I'd like some points, and which of my accounts I'd like those points added to.  I tried to turn him down, but he refused and sent me points anyway, so here I am ^_^

however, when he asked account I wanted them on, someone else answered for me, telling him to send them to my original (this account I'm posting with now).   I didn't think about it at the time and so didn't say anything, but my KH War account is almost certainly not accessible while I'm signed in this account.

I haven't logged into KH War from this account at all.  Is it possible to re-link my War account from my now-throwaway account (tommyred4) to this account?

(PS:  I realized while writing this an easy answer is to just send the points from this account to the account my nation is on and just use it from now on, let this one drop and rot.  So I'm only posting now because I think it might have been TIM that said to use this account in chat and I figure if he wants me to use this one, I should see if I can use this one :P )

RE: Transfer an account? Posted on: 03/29/2015 7:28am
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Click that link up there. On the right side, you'll see where you can transfer points. type in the account you want to use and then transfer all of your points (1030.65) to that account. You have 3 active accounts right now (tommyred, 3, and 4), tommyred2 was point dropped.

It'd probably be easiest to just do the above then let your other 3 die off...

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RE: Transfer an account? Posted on: 03/29/2015 9:32am
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Sure enough, that'll be the easiest solution and I don't care which one I use long-term, as long as I settle on one (I lost the password to 3 when I changed computers, that's why I made 4 while 3 still worked).  I'll just have to particpate some more in the forum so 4 can vote on hacks, that's where I used to get most of my points from :D

RE: Transfer an account? Posted on: 03/29/2015 9:38am
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Done, consider this request closed :D

RE: Transfer an account? Posted on: 03/29/2015 1:50pm
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Typically I ban all accounts of a person who keeps creating accounts, so it probably wasn't me.

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