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Needs help hacking items/players on animal jam.
Animal Jam Posted on: 04/13/2015 3:03am
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Hello Friends,

For a long time I have played the game of Animal Jam. I was recently hacked and know who did it, I would like to get my items back from there account but I do not know how to get on their account. If one could be so kind to do this for me and then send the items to my account, I would be ever appreciative.

This game uses Adobe Flash and is hackable, as I was hacked and did not give my information to ANYONE.

The hacking team who took my items was composed of the following people:



and Teilynn          

I am ever thankful for your assistance.


RE: Animal Jam Posted on: 04/13/2015 3:37am
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

Hacked their account and put all their stuff in the account called AnimalJam. While at it I also entered their bank account and subscribed to receive 300 weekly magazines of playboy  (100 each). The magazines will be shipped at your house and you might need to tip the delivery man. I also got enough to get myself pizza and beer. Don't thank me, you are welcome.

PS: just to be sure your account password was bananas  isn't it? Don't worry I wrote it this way so only us two will know it 

PS2: somebody is knocking on my door, I hope it isn't the FBI. I've seen enough episodes of x-files to know they are nasty. Wish me good luck

PS3: help the FBI has kidnapped me now I'm in a cell they keep asking me questions about codename:bananas but I don't know what they want to hear and they feed me sanwitches without mayo. Please send me something to get out of this place. 911 doesn't believe me and it's getting hard to hide my smartphone in my anus (already got it in and out four times so my anus is getting lose and I can't keep it up there). I could also use a guide on how to suck with my anus, right now I only know how to blow,

PS4: man what a night, they let me go. My anus is bleeding but at least I'm free, turns out they got the wrong man and I'm not the one from code:bananas. I'm positive one of them noticed the smartphone hanging in my butt but he refused to touch it. Well everything turned alright so now I'll go have some oatmeal. I hope you pet eel

RE: Animal Jam Posted on: 04/13/2015 7:34am
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disgruntled old man

Not only is this posted in the wrong place (I've moved it), but your request is falling of deaf ears. (Although it seems Zen has gone through an awful lot of trouble on your behalf.) We won't hack other peoples' accounts for you. As I stated in chat the other day to another person who had a similar request, "you won't find anyone here willing to be your personal hacking army". The word "hack" in Kong Hack may seem a bit misleading, but we stick to hacking games, not the sites they're hosted on, nor the accounts of their users. Also, I don't think your account was hacked via Adobe Flash. I'd suggest scanning your computer for malware and then changing all of your passwords (to something a little more complex than "banana").

I'd suggest reporting the incident to the staff at Animal Jam. Try here: http://www.animaljam.com/contact
You may want to grab one of your parents, because according to that page I just linked..."Due to our privacy policies, we can only discuss account details with a parent or guardian."

Good luck.

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