[Closed] sas 4-What is a visible effect of mp banned?
I'm not sure about that I got banned or it's just an error
sas 4-What is a visible effect of mp banned? Posted on: 04/29/2015 2:42am
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Well today while I was playing sas4, I just logged out from game for a few minutes and then got back to the game.
But when I got to the game screen, I figured out that I couldn't meet anyone else.

Even I was in the same private room (same ID), I was unable to meet the guy who was in the same room. So now I guess that it might be a mp banned. But the question is why my acc got a mp banned? It was pefectly legit eventhough it has used some hacks.

To be sure about that my acc got banned or it's just a temporary error, I want to know the symptom(?) of mp banned.
(I had a same experience when I didn't use any kind of hacking tools)

Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

Topics about being banned in zombieassault game are popping up like fungi, I encourage you and everybody else to use the search to find the master post about zombieassault bans, it features a small guide to give you the ability to know by yourself if you are mp banned. Cheers

I'm so sorry for the rule violation. I didn't see that part... but just curious about the effect of ban. Well it's was just a glitch. Anyway thanks for fast reply

Well TIM did encourage them to open more threads. *face plam*

But we definitely don't need a ton of uniquie "am I banned?" threads.