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! And !

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Last Updated: 05/01/2015 16:01

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An intense, highly challenging arena shooter with a classically retro style.
! And ! Posted on: 05/01/2015 4:01pm
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! And ! is a classic retro-style game where you have to survive over 64 waves of dangerous ennemies ( simple shapes actually ). You are spawning at the center of the screen and ennemies waves will arrive from the four angles , you will get some differents weapons ( don't hope for laser gun, bazookas etc... Just your bullets appearence and number will change ). With an increasing difficulty, ! And ! give you the choice between two modes : Arcade is the basic mode, Invincible is a mode where.. you're invincible and yes I didn't find any use of this mode but to see how difficult the game is on last levels. This game has simple graphics, a good music, the bullet time is a cool feature and may surprise you at your first use because it zoom on the player when you press Shift.