[Help] Help with hacking Bloons Monkey City on android

I'm trying to break down Bloons Monkey City (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ninjakiwi.monkeycity) for some time now. Memory hack is way too confusing for this game
(it finds like 11 different adresses releated to money, each giving different value). When trying to access cookie data to edit save game (it can be played offline too, so the save-game is offline), I stumble upon something encrypted. I tried to identify the type, but unsuccesfully. 
Here's the cookie; http://pastebin.com/WSgu5txM

It seems rather small for a such huge game, but what else could there be if not save-game (I mean, why encrypt in the first place). I have given up the memory editor, I'm now trying to get access to cookie and I'm looking for a help identifying the type of this code so I can decrypt it.. Any ideas?

I should note that I'm a very basic cheater, I usually only edit save-games (sol files, cookies, headers, databases) and basic memory adresses (2/4/8/float). I don't know much about advanced stuff.


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Looks like hex to me...try converting it to ascii and see if it makes any sense. We don't typically hack mobile games, but hopefully someone here can help.

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The string you gave in the pastebin is a doubly encoded string (Serialized then to hex). It seems that all it does it give a cookie for the following: http://www.fyber.com/

Fyber is an advertising platform for mobile devices (mainly)

I tried different ways to unserialize it, but unsuccesfully. Haven't done it before, don't really know how to do it. I'm starting to think that the string I gave is no save-game at all, but I didn't find any other files or data-bases that looks like save-files.

EDIT: I finally found the real save file! 
You can download it here: http://files.fm/u/qjmrxqe
the format is .save, don't know how to open it.

EDIT2: From what I can understand, it's an archive and I happened to open it with winrar. There are 2 files inside, city_0.data and profile.data, but they seem to be password protected.

EDIT3: It's compressed with ZipCrypto. I have begin bruteforce.

EDIT4: I tried different bruteforce methods and none seem to work with that file type. :(