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Helmet Heroes
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Hacks & Cheats
Below is our list of available Hacks & Cheats for Helmet Heroes
Hack Author Votes Date
Trainer hit everything in map v2( warning is pretty much a dos atk) 9 12/16/2014
die, pick up money 0 03/28/2016
Trainer use consume none -7 06/16/2015
Trainer op menu -10 06/16/2015
Trainer drop n sell -11 06/16/2015
Trainer force deposit all -12 06/16/2015
mission hack -36 06/23/2014
Trainer hit everything in the map v1 (can be used with v2) -38 12/16/2014
Trainer unlimited jumps(recorded by server) -41 12/16/2014
Trainer invul pet -43 12/16/2014
Trainer pimped up charged arrow -43 12/16/2014
Trainer barrages shoot in a straight line -44 12/16/2014
Trainer send bought permsale + bypass payvault errors -44 12/16/2014
Trainer charged arrow mana hack -45 12/16/2014
Trainer piercing+multihit awesome aob -46 12/16/2014
Trainer don't die (dead walk+don't lose loot) -46 12/16/2014
Trainer loot steal+auto loot+remote loot -47 12/16/2014

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Forum Topics
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Helmet Heroes 04/30/2020
RE: Helmet Heroes Posted on: 06/16/2015 4:56pm
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Can u explain me how this op menu works, then ;p?

ok now i understand :) Good cheat by the way.

RE: Helmet Heroes Posted on: 06/17/2015 2:18am
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Turns out when you apply the op menu hack,in the settings cutscenes 1 and 7 are the only ones that do something so you all know ;D again 1 opens bank and 7 heals all hp and mp

RE: Helmet Heroes Posted on: 06/17/2015 5:21pm
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I didnt get banned yet using op menu for 2 days, so i think its pretty safe.

RE: Helmet Heroes Posted on: 06/18/2015 5:43am
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Silence, My brother

Alright so i made an alternative account (and this was really dumb of me since i was planning to main the alt :P)

So all of the hacks so far doesn't get detected, from what i know the only time that it gets detected is if you edit something directly.

In my case: I found the mp through the float value and then i used cheat engine to figure it out. I got to two addresses which goes hand-in-hand and froze both of them (big mistake) i then got banned afterwards when i unfroze them. 

Do not edit anything directly while-in game (probably some people will try to edit gold or hp) just stick to the aob's for now

RE: Helmet Heroes Posted on: 06/19/2015 9:44pm
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The hacks that are working for me are 
op menu
drop n sell
and use consume none

Can u use anything other, maybe i do something wrong?

Any1 here? The game is pretty fun if u pass lvl 30
Also i have a password for u to priv server "the spot" its "happyhour" - hope u will like it.

HELP MEEEEE Posted on: 12/24/2016 8:29pm
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Not for me none of them work

how do i fix this?

RE: Helmet Heroes Posted on: 04/30/2020 7:13am
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I found a site that actually works like no cap I've been looking forever and finally found it