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hacking shutting off creation
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Hacks & Cheats
Below is our list of available Hacks & Cheats for Idling to Rule the Gods
Hack Author Votes Date
4x Create/Train/Skill/Fight speed 156 10/10/2014
creations give more creation power 30 12/19/2014
Shit is much faster to build 27 02/01/2015
Trainer Pet campaigns give full rewards instantly Fixed 22/12/2020 26 08/07/2017
Training improvement (Less clones needed) 25 11/21/2014
Trainer Faster 1 cap clones 25 04/28/2018
Trainer Powersurge and ultimate beings go faster 22 08/12/2017
Trainer free god power 20 02/02/2015
All at Once Training improvement (Less clones needed) 15 01/11/2015
Vote for pleasure! 14 10/05/2014
creations are free to buy 13 12/21/2014
Trainer Crystal Factory is fast AF and UB attack quick for energy 10 06/07/2020
Trainer Instant Dungeon 8 11/27/2020
Trainer Gain Might levels faster 6 08/12/2017
Training and skills bars instantly fill 5 10/08/2014
Skill cooldown/duration 5 04/29/2016
Trainer gods can't touch you 5 02/02/2015
Trainer Lower achievements 5 08/12/2017
Trainer Physical and Skill fast unlocks 1 08/12/2017
Trainer PBaal is as weak as PBaal V1 -2 08/25/2017
Unlimited GP -7 01/25/2016
Trainer Instant Blacksmith Forge/Upgrades/Reforge & Alchemy Enchant -8 11/29/2020
Creation speed/building speed multipliers and God Power -9 12/14/2015
Create bars fill instantly -13 10/08/2014
Divinity, Attack, Physical, Mystic, Battle, Creating -13 12/13/2014
Trainer Always on 12700% creation bonus -14 07/30/2017
speedhack -15 10/04/2014
The only hack that should be called speedhack -45 01/30/2015
Trainer ignore prerequisites when crafting creations -53 06/11/2016
[UNWRITABLE] auto skill usage to cap -68 12/20/2014
Infinite Clones (Sort of) -129 11/04/2014
get a shitload of offline rewards -135 12/19/2014
instant creation -144 12/21/2014
Build speedup x 10000 -153 12/21/2014

SOL Files / Save Games
Save Author Date
import code 07/02/2015
Less pets and pets stone More challenges completed. 08/30/2019
This savefile have ALL pets unlocked (sans Stone) and a lot of Pet Stones for Pet Tokens, to unlock future paid ones and also Crystal Slots. The game progress is not far (defeated some P.Baals and have just one challenge beat, no Crystal Factory), but if you want a "clean state" one I think you can delete the local data with no problems (MAKE A BACKUP FIRST TO MAKE SURE!!!). The stats may be very inflated because I tested some hacks on the savefile, if this is giving you trouble in the game do a Double Rebirth Challenge (or any of the reset challenges) to make everything normal again. If you want to use the savefile with your username, try using the method I described in Page 6 of the thread. 07/25/2018
Ultimate Arty Mode beat! Lots of upgrades from God Power unlocked. 04/25/2016
This savefile have all PAID pets unlocked and a lot of Pet Stones for Pet Tokens, to unlock future paid ones and also Crystal Slots. The game progress is not far (defeated some P.Baals and have just one challenge beat, no Crystal Factory), but if you want a "clean state" one I think you can delete the local data with no problems (MAKE A BACKUP FIRST TO MAKE SURE!!!). The stats may be very inflated because I tested some hacks on the savefile, if this is giving you trouble in the game do a Double Rebirth Challenge (or any of the reset challenges) to make everything normal again. If you want to use the savefile with your username, try using the method I described in Page 6 of the thread. 07/25/2018

Forum Topics
Topic Last Poster Date
Idling to Rule the Gods 02/22/2024
RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 05/04/2017 6:56am
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Thank for the hack, but all of them dont work.
I am using Firefox.

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 05/06/2017 4:51pm
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Currently, I can only get a single hack working, which is the hack that makes buying creations with divinity free. Other than that, none of the other hacks are working for me, though I'm using the steam version, which could have some differences.

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 05/08/2017 12:19pm
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they worked up until the last major update, I miss the speedup option as it was really nice, please someone update that one, I have dried editing the countdown timers myself but... it's not working well, can do the crystal ones easy enough, but aside form those it has not worked out.

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 08/27/2017 3:52am
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To everyone voting down on my hacks, i'd wish to know what is your problem to see if i can fix it because they are working fine for me on STEAM version, which would be the same as FIREFOX but NOT GOOGLE CHROME, thanks :D

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 08/27/2017 7:12pm
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I think it's specifically KHUT that's the problem. You cannot input them with KHUT on this game, making any KHUT only hacks on this game obsolete.

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 08/27/2017 10:12pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

you can select both the game and the process manually so....

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 08/28/2017 12:31am
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Thanks for the new hacks, downloaded the steam version trying to get them working now,

Edit: all the new steam hacks work great for me but the powersurge one pervents ubs from attacking. Can you possiblty post a new one that is slower so they make a 10 min roatation. I would love to get passive energy again. 

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 08/29/2017 2:21pm
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RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 09/03/2017 1:06pm
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Good news every one ryu patched and broke everything. all current hacks diable related buttons. 

Edit: so after some fiddling and a hand full of restarting the game they just dont work now, Man is he paranoid or what.

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 09/04/2017 3:02pm
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please update the cheats :( ty

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 09/17/2017 12:06am
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Warning the new finger snip + the baals dont get stronger cheat can start to go infinate. if it does you have to do a challange that resets muntipliers or your game will break.I let it run like that  over night and got to 1042476 pbaal for all that sweet sweet gp .

Edit: any idea why the trainer hacks are only working some time even if they say HACKED

EDIT2: turns out that having clones on anything related to them prevents them from implmenting, simply remove all clones before using hacks 

Edit 3: still can't get the training unlockspeed or achivment hacks to work and pet campain mulitplier break pets still

Edit4: anyone have anyluck finding crystal power ?

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 09/18/2017 10:40am
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I've been intently watching and hoping for some updates to hacks...

I've been running the game via Steam and targetting it with KHUT.

Unfortunately, it seems that some hacks (or the developer, Ryu's, anti-cheat countermeasures) break the game, such that you can't deal damage to Gods and pets can't deal damage to Shadow Clones.

Fortunately, loading a save file created prior to applying the hacks recovers the normal state of gameplay, and thusly resolves the issue; if that isn't the fix, it could be as simple as reopening the game, in my experience. I'd simply advise that people save their game progress before applying hacks (preferably, locally, as the "Save Online" function can automatically override its' previously established save every 15 minutes); this being, especially if they're aware of this issue/have run across it/are concerned enough to not run the risk of potential permanency of the game-breaking effects, without a recovery.

I've followed suggestions of removing ALL Shadow Clones from activities, and applied hacks one by one... rather than via the method of "select all hacks" / "Apply"...
(Not sure if the recommendation I'm recalling meant to suggest to... very slowly apply hacks, and not all at once--giving a very large birth between applications of each hack-- or simply applying one, deselecting that, moving on to a subsequent hack, applying, rinse-repeating)

Perhaps some hacks, like the "Pet Campaign Multiplier" hack, do break the game... so I tried to avoid using some, still unsure if some cause the unwanted effect of being unable to do damage. 

^Please, fellow hackers & users, let the community know if certain hacks break the game, trigger an anti-cheat system, or if some shouldn't be applied in the same playthrough, but rather individually?

Anyways, although some hacks are a little situation to test, or may take time to test as the game progresses once hacks are applied, or as certain values 'roll over' or refresh (cooldowns, et cetera)... it seems none of the hacks work.

I try to watch this forum and apply hacks frequently, recently, when they're claimed to be working, but to no avail. Given Ryu's semi-consistent updates, I'm sure it's hard to keep hacks up to date and totally respect you guys' work. 

Anyways... it'd be cool if people gave heads-up on what hacks seem to work, in their case.
If they could be so kind as to list and detail any limiting factors to the given hacks' effectiveness, any circumstances in which they don't work or break (the game)... anything (like removing Shadow Clones from tasks) that must be done prior to applying... or if they could also include what platforms the hacks work on (I know most shouldn't work on Chrome, but may on Firefox, and on Steam). 

Godspeed, fellow hackers. Ironic, or perhaps funny, or strange in how Ryu has changed his policy on cheating (quite often), given we're almost always wiped off the leaderboards, or may be glad to comply with his request to disable leaderboard submission ourselves.. 

And, before I forget, all my pleases & thank-you's in order here, for any requests I'd made in the above post.
Sincerest appreciation in advance for anybody able to contribute insight to the issues this post concerns, and taking the time to acknowledge, read, and regard the post itself

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 09/19/2017 12:57am
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For the trainer cheats ill try to list how they are acting since patch 2.16.752
Platform: Steam
Date: 9/18

Training and skill bars instantly fill
    untestable i have 1 cap
Creation bar fills instatly 
    Broken, no noticable effect
4x speed
    Broken, no noticable effect
Infinite Clones 
    not even sure if its a trainer code or broken
Creations give more CP
    Broken ,no noticable effect
Get a shitload of offline rewards
    Broken, no noticable effect
[Unwritable] Auto skill usage to cap
    turn off auto fighting or use pause the game while hacking checkbox
Instant creation 
    Broken, nop noticable effect
Creations free to buy
    Broken, no noticable effect
Build speedup x 10000
    broken or unusable with [Shit is much faster to build]
Shit much faster to build
Gods Can't touch you
    Disables damage like all damage, he probaly rerouted the damage event
Free God power
    Broken, possibly missing a  step or other action to make it work, no visible effect
Ignore prerequisites when crafting creations
    Broken , no noticable effect
Always on 12700% offline Creation bonus(invis)
    invis, no noticable effect on my game
Pet campains give 3600x rewards with 1000x less time 
    use with no mission running or the time will not change but the output will makeing HUGE outputs 
Highest achievement is 10k phy, skill, monster
    Broken by new challange rerouting the event
Physical and skill fast unlocks
    broken, Plz tips if you can get this to work
Gain might Levels faster
    intermitante breakage, use with no clones on might 
Power Surge and ultimate beings go faster
    Broke, new challange rerouted event
Pball is as weak as Pbaal 1 
    Great cheat, warning will go infinate with finger snap or might if you are built enough. Go for it if you don't want to hack Gp, be warned thou ou will need to follow that rb with a stat reset challange, will trigger cheating god if you go to far.
Pet campaigns have bigger multipliers
    Breaks pets must reset game to free pets and you will receive no rewards for the mission use [3600x] cheat instead
Lucky draws give gp 
    Untested , hacked gp is to high to be visible 
You can use all lucky draws
    Great cheat, but the 51 ticket trips cheating god 

That is all of them I think hope it helps 
As is I start a fresh rb so all clones are out of the way and use ,[Shit is much faster,  Pet 3600x, Might, Pbaal, and all draws]

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 09/19/2017 8:11am
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@Deathsrevenge (9/18-9/19 2017)
Thanks so much for your submission. I'll try the ones that are apparently working. The accounts I run may have similar circumstances such as already being onecapped. I'm excited to test, thanks for your help!

Edit 1 (9/19 2017) - For some reason, while: "3600x pet campaign reward,1000x less time" hack works, "Pbaals are weaker" hack works, and the "You can use ALL the lucky draws" hack works, the few hacks that seem not to work for me are: the "Might Trains faster" hack and "Shit Builds Faster" hack... no idea how they work or if I somehow kept them from working.

Edit 2 (9/19/2017) - Shit much faster to build seems to be working now, though maybe effects were less noticeable with my earlier clonecount, albeit in the 50 millions.

Edit 3 (9/19/2017) - Tip: For the Pbaal is weak hack, I highly recommend that you try to navigate to the Rebirth page, and challenges (you get lag if you stay on the rebirth multi display once it hits infinity and tries to update)-- double-rebirthing will reset all multis and stats so you should experience no problems. I highly recommend saving a backup file before starting a Finger Flick once this hack is applied, too.

Edit 4 (9/19/2017) - In my experience, the "Lucky Draws gives GP" hack doesn't work. It may somehow cause your display to show that you always have 1 Lucky Draw on top of ones you actually have, but that one would apparently be unusable. Granted, I usually start Finger Flick with Pbaal hack so my GP starts rising, and it's hard to tell if Lucky Draws did give more GP while applied in that case; in all other cases, it doesn't seem to reward GP per Lucky Draw open, alongside regular rewards, or in place of them.

Edit 5 - Deliberating starting an Ultimate Arty Challenge (with a backup save) to test and see if the "Auto Skill Usage to Cap" hack works, as right now, I don't see usage going higher than ~196,608, albeit never changing with auto-train on... not sure if that's what it's supposed to do, or if the hack deliberately raises usage to that amount, and lock it in, to nearly perfectly 1-cap every skill (and possibly prevent usage lose if you flee manual Special fights).

Edit 6 (9/19/2017) - Unfortunately, it would appear that, unless I have to apply "You can use all lucky draws" again (after having acquired more from Pet Item Campaigns), because I already used tens of thousands the last time the hack worked today, and then saved/reloaded the game... the game tells me I have to wait until tomorrow to open more (and yes, I did apparently successfully apply the hack in this playthrough).  Maybe I had to have more Lucky Draws to use for the hack to work, because I had the 'fake 1 Lucky Draw' apparently in existence, as detailed in a prior edit.
TL;DR: it's possible you may want to resist reloading the game if you've opened more than 50 Lucky Draws with the hack open, unless you mind waiting a day before being able to use the hack again.

Edit 5 (9/19/2017) - I don't think I'm getting any results from Gain Might Levels Faster, although you, Deathsrevenge, did say it was "intermitent"? I applied with clones off of Might, with the Might tab unlocked... I did have 6 levels in every passive and unleash skill already there from 6 complete Double Rebirth Challenges. I tried before I actually assigned Clones to level Might to apply the hack and test, with no clones working anywhere, and even while leveling Might and while starting to level, removing clones in the middle of leveling, and applying the hack, to no apparent effect. 
With the hack applied, all 200 million of my clones still level approximately once every 2 seconds, at might levels pre-existent of ~400. "Shit Builds Faster" definitely works, as it takes my 500,000% build speed, and Chakra Pill/Chakra Pill V.2, and black-bar builds all momuments and upgrades easily into levels/values of 40,000, with only 100,000 clones. So I would assume I'm not getting desire effects from the Might Hack.
@Deathsrevenge; can you give any more insight on circumstances that may be needed to make "Gain Might Levels Faster" work? Please and thanks-- posted 9/19/2017

Edit 6 (9/19/2017) - For some reason now, again, "Build Shit Faster" seems not to work. I've freshly loaded into a game with no clones on monuments or anything, applied the hack, and put on clones to no effect. I've started building monuments with clones, stopped, and applied, and again, to no effect. It feels strange and random whether it works or not. Is it just me?

Edit 7 (9/19/2017) - Wow, random. now "Build Shit Faster" isn't working, but "Gain Might Levels Faster" is... and I applied all the working hacks in one go as I selected and chose to apply, I believe, on a fresh load of the game. Weird. Well, aside from the Lucky Draw hack possibly being limited if you open more than 50 a day and reloading the game... I guess I best enjoy these hacks. Thanks for naming them, @Deathsrevenge!

Edit 8 (9/19/2017) - Reloading the game and applying "You can use all lucky draws" seems to, again, remove the daily limit. Seems very 'intermitent' or dynamic, whether hacks work or not... oddly. On another note, now both "Build Shit Faster" and "Gain Might Levels Faster" work-- will explore and see if others don't. Cheers, anyways.

RE: Idling to Rule the Gods Posted on: 10/01/2017 12:20pm
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New Patch is out with million clones button, most of the previous hacks mentioned are still functioning.

EDIT: as of 10/1 Pbaal is the only functioning hack 
 EDIT: 10/14 ok back to functioning on all my previously reviewed hacks in steam