Closing out old topics
Gotta keep things clean.
Closing out old topics Posted on: 08/31/2015 1:36pm
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TIM the Enchanter
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Hey guys, I've noticed some threads here are getting kinda huge, so it may be time to shut them down.  We've also ran into the issue of every other topic being called "SAS4" or something similar.  It's kinda shitty to have a bunch of topics with the same name.... and having that name be the name of the game this entire forum is dedicated to.

Hey, which topic should I look at for information on the current working hacks?
I donno, try the 5th "sas4" thread in the "sas4" forum, just under the block that lists the "sas4" hacks.  

Kinda redundant.

Anyway, if the mods in this forum want to clean stuff up, it'd be much appreciated.  I should have some time this coming weekend to sit down and trawl through the shit, change prefixes, and lock stuff up.

Everything's coming up KongHack!

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RE: Closing out old topics Posted on: 08/31/2015 3:04pm
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Hacking Universe

I think all the "resolved" threads at the bottom should be closed. No one has commented in them for several months and they're here for information.

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RE: Closing out old topics Posted on: 08/31/2015 9:41pm
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kill first,die last

Agreed, but please only close the threads at the bottom that no one has posted in months

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