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Hacks & Cheats
Below is our list of available Hacks & Cheats for AdVenture Capitalist
Hack Author Votes Date
Speedhacking 46 06/05/2014
Monay 43 06/01/2014
Buying vendors adds money 35 07/30/2014
Investement Value 25 06/06/2014
Quantity Hack 21 08/06/2014
Trainer (KH Script) Buying Vendors Adds Money 10 01/28/2016
Angel investor bonus 8 03/29/2015
New investment 6 10/09/2015
Money/angels/gold/megabucks etc.hack menu 6 04/29/2016
AdVenture Capitalist Cheat Engine Table 4 05/11/2016
Date and Time 3 08/23/2014
Gold bars 1 12/20/2014
Candy canes 0 12/20/2014
Gold/Megabucks/Investors/Money Hack Menu Steam -3 05/15/2016
Trainer add cash buy and upgrade - facebook gameroom -4 10/21/2017
Trainer (KH Script) Hiring & Cash Upgrades Add Money -5 01/28/2016
Trainer multiplier,time warp, skip reset. Better than free -9 12/23/2014
Trainer (KH Script) Super Angel Multiplier -11 01/30/2016
Trainer (KH Script) Disable Super Angel Multiplier -15 01/30/2016

SOL Files / Save Games
Save Author Date
copy and click import 103.931 quintillion angels 07/22/2014
get instant 240 tredecillion AI's 09/18/2014
4 sexdecillion AIs 10/28/2014
import code 07/02/2015
Adventure Capitalist save export code with 787 vigintillion angels!!! 02/07/2016

Forum Topics
Topic Last Poster Date
Adventure Capitalist 08/26/2017
RE: Adventure Capitalist Posted on: 05/16/2016 12:56am
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They moved onto another game before trying to fix how easy it is to hack their game? Neato :P

RE: Adventure Capitalist Posted on: 05/17/2016 11:42pm
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Now if only these would work on my phone version of AdCap. cool

RE: Adventure Capitalist Posted on: 05/22/2016 10:36pm
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Wanna Hear The Most Annoying Sound In The World?

Game crashed too often to be playable, unless you're on mobile.

RE: Adventure Capitalist Posted on: 08/02/2016 10:29pm
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i personally have never seen the charm in hacking idle games where the progress is easily made in the first place but thats basicly what should've happened with the import codes right?

RE: Adventure Capitalist Posted on: 08/26/2017 2:55pm
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Angel hacks aren't working, it seems.